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  • Exploiting Micro Facial Expressions for More Inclusive User Interfaces

    Open AccessRoma Tre University17/04/2022

    Current image/video acquisition and analysis techniques allow for not only the identification and classification of objects in a scene but also more sophisticated processing. For example, there are video cameras today able to capture micro facial expressions, namely, facial expressions that occur in a fraction of a second. Such micro expressions can provide useful information […]

  • Methodological Considerations for Understanding Students’ Problem Solving Processes and Affective Trajectories During Game-Based Learning: A Data Fusion Approach

    GatedUniversity of Florida + 303/07/2021

    This paper describes methodological considerations for fusing data sources in understanding both affective and problem solving states of students as they engage in computational thinking (CT) game-based learning. We provide both a theoretical and empirical rationale for using data including facial recognition and students’ logfile data to gain a more robust explanation of why students […]

  • Mapping of 3D Eye Tracking in Urban Outdoor Environments

    Open AccessUniversity of Innsbruck + 301/06/2021

    New geospatial technologies and ubiquitous sensing allow new insights into people’s spatial practices and experiences of public spaces. These tools offer new data streams for analysis and interpretation of social phenomena. Mobile augmented reality tools such as smartphones and wearables merge the experience of entangled online and offline spaces in citizen’s daily life. This paper […]

  • Affective Computing in Space Design

    Open AccessNational Research Center of Egypt01/06/2021

    Architecture Digital Platforms are capable of creating buildings that provide comfort that meets human thermal, acoustic and visual needs. However, some building technologies can choose the physical energy arena of the building on the expense of the mentioned aspects of human comfort. Nevertheless, aspects like emotional and psychological human comfort exist in limited studies practiced […]

  • Sport and Cultural Events: Willingness to Pay, Facial Expressions and Skin Response

    Open AccessHaaga-Helia University 01/09/2021

    The topic of this particular study is to combine facial expressions, skin response and willingness to pay (WTP) using an iMotions Platform. This software solution combines biosensors in human behaviour research. A useful method to estimate WTP is contingent valuation method (CV) (Mitchell and Carson 1989). The method has been widely used in cultural economics […]

  • Detection of Psychopathic Traits in Emotional Faces

    Open AccessUniversity of Sydney + 304/06/2021

    When meeting someone at zero acquaintance, we make assumptions about each other that encompass emotional states, personality traits, and even cognitive abilities. Evidence suggests individuals can accurately detect psychopathic personality traits in strangers based on short video clips or photographs of faces. We present an in-depth examination of this ability. In two studies, we investigated […]

  • Political leadership, a quasi-experimental study of Peruvian voters’ emotional reaction and visual attention to political humor

    GatedAarhus University + 205/06/2021

    Political humor is a wise communicative strategy for politicians to use. However, previous research has not linked politicians’ use of political humor with voter’s emotional reactions and visual attention. Two experiments were conducted using facial expression analysis and eye-tracking technology to record the emotional reaction and visual attention of participants while watching one of the […]

  • Message personalization and real-time adaptation as next innovations in sport sponsorship management?

    Open AccessGerman Sports University of Cologne 17/05/2021

    Message personalization and real-time adaptation as next innovations in sport sponsorship management? How run-of-play and team affiliation affect viewer response Highlights • Technical innovations in sport marketing allow for personalized sponsor messages. • Targeting viewers based on run-of-play can increase sponsor message efficiency. • Biometric data are collected in real time and analyzed using multilevel […]

  • Communication Skills Training Intervention Based on Automated Recognition of Nonverbal Signals

    Open AccessLondon Metropolitan University + 208/05/2021

    There have been promising studies that show a potential of providing social signal feedback to improve communication skills. However, these studies have primarily focused on unimodal methods of feedback. In addition to this, studies do not assess whether skills are maintained after a given time. With a sample size of 22 this paper investigates whether […]

  • A User Study on User Attention for an Interactive Content-based Image Search System

    Open AccessUniversity of Bedfordshire19/03/2021

    User attention is one of the fundamental indications of users’ interests in search. For content-based image search systems, it is important to understand what users pay attention to, and thus engage users more in the search process. It remains a big challenge to design a user-centered interactive interface that serves well for both user interaction […]


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