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Print Ad testing

Test consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses to print advertising. Define copy & communication improvements and pinpoint the best campaign options to launch to market.

TV Ad / Movie Trailer testing

Testing consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses to TV ad advertising. Find peaks & troughs to enhance the overall emotional engagement of the trailer / TV Ad.

Packaging & Product testing

Quantify attention, messaging & branding by assessing emotional & cognitive responses of consumers. Find the best packaging option to stand out against competition in the market.

In-Store / Shopper Testing

Test consumers’ responses in real or virtual store environments to evaluate shelves, packaging systems, merchandising, and the over all shopping experience.

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Roger Azevedo
“If I compare to other software that we have been using before, then we always designed a study that would fit to the software. Now we just design our study and we know that iMotions can handle it. I can do things so much faster with iMotions and they even understand the budget of an assistant professor.”
Prof. Roger Azevedo, Professor in the Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University


NolansCheddar88Sec (34) - GAZE REPLAY

Emotions & Feelings

What are immediate emotional responses and how are they related to subsequent conscious desire and preference? Researchers in emotions and feelings need to triangulate methods of self-reports and biometrics.  iMotions is the world’s leading provider of fully integrated methods that allows a full understanding of the causal mechanisms of emotions and feelings.

  • Use facial coding & GSR to explore the effects of adverse emotional responses on behavior
  • Use pupillometry and EEG to study the relationship between emotions, moods and behaviors
  • Test the effects of stress and excitement, as measured through biometric data, on cognitive processes and choice
  • Triangulate your current scientific methodologies with bio sensors, facial expressions, surveys and eye tracking


Attention & Consciousness

What drives attention and to what extent does information become conscious? In the quest to understand the roots of attention and consciousness, researchers are increasingly using multiple tools, ranging from specific behavioral measures to fully-blown physiological and neuroimaging methods. With iMotions, researchers gain the cutting edge solution for the full integration of methods into one easy to use yet versatile platform.

  • Employ eye-tracking to quantify visual attention
  • Use our precise stimulus presentation and data synchronization to study the content and threshold of consciousness
  • Include other modalities such as EEG and GSR to understand subliminal processing
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Usability, UX, Gaming

Flappy Bird (Winner) - GAZE REPLAY

Mobile Apps testing

How are users responding to new app designs before going to market? Optimize workflows, interfaces (UI), and the overall user experience (UX).

  • Eye Tracking – attention to communication
  • GSR – novelty of product/design interest
  • EEG – cognitive workload to design elements
  • Surveys – consumer narratives / declared statements

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Gaming testing

Testing consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses to gaming.

  • Eye tracking – attention to messages & opportunities
  • GSR – emotional arousal during playing the game
  • EEG – cognitive and emotional responses to key moments
  • Facial Coding – emotional expressions throughout the experience
  • Surveys – consumer narratives / declared statements


Website testing

Testing consumers’ emotional and cognitive responses while browsing websites.

  • Eye tracking – attention to real state, communication and CTAs
  • GSR – emotional arousal during the navigation / browsing
  • EEG – cognitive and emotional responses to key moments / tasks
  • Surveys – consumer narratives / declared responses

Simulators testing

Test almost any scenario to find optimization opportunities before building expensive products. Optimize processes and services for streamlined experiences.

  • Eye tracking glasses – store navigation and product attention
  • GSR – in-store arousal and mood
  • EEG – product desire and in-store cognition
  • Surveys – consumer narratives / declared statements
“After evaluating the market and trying different solutions, there was not really an alternative. We can perform different more complex research now than we could before. The synchronization of signals with game events is very easy and we are able to extract the data in a format that instantly allows us to analyze it without having to spend time cleaning. It is perfect for MATLAB and Weka. The fact that we are also able to include our own algorithms is great. We can even visualize different in-game events as graphs in the software. It has been a massive time-saver not needing to do our own tedious syncing anymore.”
Dr. Alessandro Canossa, Associate Professor, Northeastern University
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Language Research

Image shows face of respondent, eye gaze on top of text stimulus in sync with Emotiv Affectivity EEG metrics and Emotient facial coding (Surprise channel). Click on the image to enlarge.

iMotions Biometric Research Platform enables researchers to better understand the cognitive and neural functions underlying language comprehension, including psycholinguistic studies

  • Use high-resolution eye-tracking to study how visual attention is guided during the reading process, and how micro saccades and other eye responses affect reading
  • With EEG to measure the direct neural responses to single words as well as the overall response to sentences, symbols and meaning
  • Use other tools like facial coding, GSR and pupillometry to assess the non-verbal aspects of communication


Social Neuroscience

Image shows eye tracking metrics (Areas Of Interest) on faces. Click on the image to enlarge.

iMotions helps researchers to understand the multiple aspects of social behavior being able to compare many situations and scenarios

  • Use facial coding to understand the dynamics of how faces are affecting social dynamics in both sender and recipients
  • Use GSR and other arousal measures to better assess and understand the emotional impact of social situations and their effects on behavior
  • Employ EEG to understand the neural bases of social thinking and action
  • Fully triangulate methods to provide a complete picture of covert and overt processes in social behaviors
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Medical / Health


Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorders

iMotions allow for the assessment and study of a variety of psychiatric conditions, boosting researchers’ ability to assess disorders

  • Use desktop of mobile eye tracking to test the relationship between mental disorder and visual attention
  • Use GSR and EEG to study the emotional responses in depression and anxiety
  • Use facial coding and behavioral assessment to study the social interaction and emotional expressions in autism


Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders

With iMotions, practitioners and researchers have the world leading integrated toolbox for studying cognitive and emotional processes during neurological disorders.

  • Use eye-tracking to assess and diagnose degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis
  • Use EEG and GSR to study the effects of dementia on cognitive, emotional and neural responses
  • Use Surveys (stated responses) to measure the effects of stroke and lesions on cognitive processing and behavior
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