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Electroencephalography (EEG)

Measure brain activity and discover the cognitive processes that underline how we think, react, and behave.

Measure brain activity with EEG

Electroencephalography records electrical activity using electrodes placed on the surface of the scalp and outputs this electrical activity as a series of underlying brain waves. With EEG, you can obtain insights into how the brain works by measuring the cognitive processes underlying behavior. From language and visual processing, to executive function and memory encoding, EEG data can tell us a lot about how alert, motivated, or engaged we are, or even how difficult a task is to perform.

EEG film study
EEG is used to assess viewer engagement while watching a short film.

Quantify mental processes

Analyzing EEG data can be a complicated process. iMotions provides a range of tools to make this process as streamlined as possible. Fully customizable R Notebooks are provided to calculate power spectral density, and frontal asymmetry – all with the click of a button. Easy exports can be made to continue the analysis.

Brain-based understanding

Researchers are already using the EEG module to:

  • Explore neurocognitive processing of infants
  • Predict online music streams
  • Examine learning outcomes in VR
  • Measure emotional responses in VR environments
  • And more

Electroencephalography (EEG)PDF

EEG invisible gorilla radiology
EEG is used in an experiment of sustained inattentional blindness.

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What is EEG (Electroencephalography)?

What is EEG used for?

How long does an EEG take?


  • Hardware agnostic

    Connection to a variety of leading electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets from producers such as ABM, Neuroelectrics, Emotiv, and Brain Products

  • Complete experimental suite

    Collect, visualize, analyze, and export raw EEG signals

  • Equipment indicators

    Battery level, signal strength, and impedance visualizations

  • Built-in QA

    Integrated quality assurance tools

  • Automatic signal processing

    Automatic calculation of frontal asymmetry and power spectral density with integrated R-notebooks.

  • Intersubject Correlation Scores

    Also known as Neural Synchrony, Intersubject Correlation allows you to study multiple respondents at a time and compare similarities in brain activity

  • Cedrus Stimtracker

    Integration with Cedrus StimTracker expands research possibilities

  • EEG metrics

    Use ABM or Emotiv headsets and access their proprietary metrics: Engagement, Distraction, Drowsiness, Cognitive Workload etc


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