About Us

Ownership and Structure

For more than 20 years, the Smart Eye Group has been developing solutions for understanding human behavior at the leading edge of innovation. In 2021, the company acquired iMotions in order to expand its technology footprint and market access.

Under terms of the agreement, iMotions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart Eye, and continues to be independently run. Led by founder and CEO Peter Hartzbech, who started the company in 2005, additional members of the organization’s leadership team include Nadia Haagen Pedersen, EVP, Marketing Communication & Strategy; and Jacob Ulmert, VP Engineering. 

As part of Smart Eye Group, iMotions is one of the company’s five core business units:

  • Automotive Solutions
  • Applied AI Systems (AIS)
  • Research Instruments
  • Affectiva Media Analytics
  • iMotions

A SaaS company, iMotions has an estimated 50% market share in the early-stage software market for multimodal behavioral research. A knowledge-intensive organization, iMotions sources our behavioral research expertise through a global organization including many employees with PhDs in Neuroscience. The company generates revenue through annual licenses for academic customers (recurring renewals) and a subscription-based model (SaaS) for commercial customers.

iMotions has global headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices in Boston and Singapore.