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iMotions A/S is an IT company specializing in human behavior research software. The iMotions software is a hardware-agnostic platform that integrates and synchronizes multiple biosensors, such as Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, GSR/EDA, EEG, EMG and ECG into a single application.

As the pace of disruption, innovation, and change continues to accelerate, it’s crucial to understand the impact of human perception and behavior to inform your research, your products, or your organization.

We share a passion for uncovering these behaviors and perceptions, by advancing technologies that analyze the feelings and emotions that are central to every single decision. Our ecosystem includes a fully-integrated software platform, training and community learning, all seeking to simplify the ability to understand human behavior research.

For those who seek more

We foster a company culture based on five core values: human-focused, passion, teamwork, innovation, and science-based. The company’s core principles promote highly responsive and problem-solving employees who offer customers the best value. These fundamental values create a company culture where our employees and clients feel iMotions care about their success and well-being. The company’s foundation is based on scientific academia and delivers customer validity. Hence, we hire people with PhDs that know and understand the science and research on technology and methodologies that analyze human behavior.

We care about making a difference to the people in the world and emphasizes that the happiness of our employees and customers is the first start to making that goal happen.

Come join us – we’d love to help you on your journey of discovery and innovation.


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices in Boston, Singapore, Berlin, and Sydney, iMotions is a provider of one of the world’s leading platforms for monitoring and analyzing the drivers of human behavior. iMotions partners with over 20 leading biosensor companies that support and use the software platform’s solutions.

iMotions solutions are science-based, and multiple academia uses the platform to progress users’ research on human behavior. Backed by world-class subject matter experts, iMotions developed its multimodal and cross-platform software solution over the last 17 years. The company refined its holistic approach to understanding and researching human behavior, continuously building its technology and platform to bridge industry gaps.

In 2021, iMotions was purchased by Smart Eye A/S and became part of the Smart Eye Group.


The iMotions software is a modular system, with a central hub upon which a variety of biosensors and their corresponding modules can be integrated. This multi-modal approach was designed to streamline research projects, which largely had to rely on recording and analyzing the input from each biometric hardware device separately.

In 2021 iMotions launched a browser and cloud-based service which allows researchers to utilize the internet for global data collection. With the new Online Data Collection (ODC) module, researchers gather eye tracking and facial expression analysis data from participants’ own browsers and web cameras.


iMotions partners with a range of hardware and software developers including: Affectiva (iMotions is currently the only software developer that integrates with Affectiva’s AFFDEX SDK), Shimmer, BIOPAC, Varjo, Empatica, Viewpointsystem, Argus Science, and more.