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We love emotions

that’s why we work at iMotions

Welcome to iMotions

We share a collaborative passion with researchers worldwide to explore the human mind and brain. What makes us humans tick. We are excited to simplify understanding of human cognition and behavior for everyone through our software, training, and community. So come be our friend and colleague on our explorational journey. You will only get smarter. Promise.

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Our story

What we do

iMotions reduces the complexity of carrying out human behavior research, enabling a wide array of sensors to be seamlessly connected in one platform. By combining these different physiological measurements, it’s possible to get a better understanding of human behavior in any environment.

Since 2005, our industry-leading platform has enabled clients to set up cutting-edge labs and execute biosensor-based research with greater ease and efficiency. iMotions simplifies research by providing software, hardware, and services to 1000+ academic and commercial researchers worldwide.

Our Mission

We believe in collaboration to advance human behavior research and understanding. For science and for businesses.

Our Vision

To use our smart brains and emotions to create solutions for a better tomorrow where we thrive as humans.

After 15 years, I still love to come to work every day - it is so satisfying to help shape the future by supporting world-class researchers at the highest rated research institutions in more than 70 countries, supporting groundbreaking research in both the academic and commercial community.

Peter Hartzbech
Founder & CEO

Our beliefs

At iMotions, we start with curiosity. Curiosity helps us get closer to understanding why and how we are human — how we actually think, feel, act, and respond. Beyond what we say we do.

We recognize that the best research comes from working together and uniting forces – building on scientific tradition while embracing new technology. We rely on proven scientific methodologies to test our hypotheses, but we’re not afraid of the unknown, because we’re fueled by it.

Our passion is to make all researchers able to walk away with accessible, best-in-class tools to investigate human complexity with rigorous scientific research, to drill down into variability and uncover behavioral insights that are deeper than meets the eye.

That’s why we innovate top-notch technology. For us to support you in creating an understanding of human behavior and cognition, redefine customer experiences, provide optimal environments for learning, and improve human well-being.

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Ulrik Jensen

Executive Chairman

Peter Hartzbech


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SVP, NA Sales & U.S. GM

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Dir. International Sales

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VP, Marketing

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