Investigating the impact of greenery elements in office environments on cognitive performance, visual attention and distraction: An eye-tracking pilot-study in virtual realityUnveiling impact dynamics: Discriminatory brand advertisements, stress response, and the call for ethical marketing practices

Arianna Latini

Ludovica Marcelli

Elisa Di Giuseppe

Marco D’Orazio

The human-nature connection is one of the main aspects determining supportive and comfortable office environments. In this context, the application of eye-tracking-equipped Virtual Reality (VR) devices to support an evaluation on the effect of greenery elements indoors on individuals’ efficiency and engagement is limited. A new approach to investigate visual attention, distraction, cognitive load and performance in this field is carried out via a pilot-study comparing three virtual office layouts (Indoor Green, Outdoor Green and Non-Biophilic). 63 participants completed cognitive tasks and surveys while measuring gaze behaviour. Sense of presence, immersivity and cybersickness results supported the ecological validity of VR. Visual attention was positively influenced by the proximity of users to the greenery element, while visual distraction from tasks was negatively influenced by the dimension of the greenery. In the presence of greenery elements, lower cognitive loads and more efficient information searching, resulting in improved performance, were also highlighted.

This publication uses Eye Tracking and Eye Tracking VR/AR which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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