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Eye Tracking Virtual Reality

Conduct eye tracking studies in immersive environments to gauge respondents’ emotional responses.

Track behavior in virtual worlds

Virtual reality opens up the possibility to test behavior in any environment, creating the opportunity to capture responses in settings that would be too expensive or even impossible to recreate in the real world. It’s possible to test behavior in VR, AR, or 360 videos, opening up opportunities for new experimental paradigms. Take full control of the research process with iMotions.

VR eye tracking phobia
VR eye tracking used in a study of spider phobia.

Follow visual attention in any environment

The iMotions VR Eye Tracking Module allows for eye tracking data collection, visualization, and analysis in virtual environments using the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Varjo eye tracking headsets. Capture and analyze visual attention with gaze mapping, areas of interest (AOIs), and over 30 gaze, fixation, and saccade-based metrics. Use hand gestures with the Varjo VR3 / XR3, and combine with the measurement of physiological reactions to get a full picture of human behavior in new worlds.

Discover new sights

Researchers are already using the VR eye tracking module to:

  • Explore gamified learning of sign language
  • Test engagement on virtual shop floors
  • Measure situational awareness in ship navigation simulators
  • Exploring consumer food choice
  • And more
VR video fear study
VR eye tracking used in a study examining anxiety responses in a skydiving simulation.

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What is VR eye tracking?

Which VR headsets have eye tracking?

Is it difficult to do eye tracking in VR?


  • Varjo and HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Integrate headsets from Varjo and HTC Vive Pro Eye

  • Areas of Interest (AOI)

    Static & dynamic areas of interest (AOIs) and heat maps, with manual and semi-automated options

  • Interpolated AOI generation

    Automated AOI generation allows for tracking of an area throughout a video

  • Built-in Automated Metrics

    Over 30 automated metrics such as Time to First Fixation, Time Spent, Ratio, Revisits, and Fixation Count, makes it quick and easy to gain insights from the collected data

  • Gaze Mapping

    Gaze mapping provides an aggregate view of dynamic scenes. Calculate gaze mapping locally or in the cloud to speed up analysis of large scale studies

  • Flexible Data Export

    Export all data including X,Y coordinates, AOI metrics, pupillometry, and more in a flexible format for further analysis


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