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iMotions is a research platform built to better our understanding of human behavior.

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“I recently had the opportunity to use iMotions 10, and I am thoroughly impressed with its newly redesigned study builder. Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a Ph.D. candidate, a researcher, or an industry professional, this version transforms your approach to complex studies. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the integration of multi-sensors and complex study designs, making these processes more accessible than ever. The intuitive ‘walk-up-and-use-it’ experience in iMotions 10 elegantly bridges the gap between ease of use and the complexity of data design, collection, and analysis; it brings a consumer-level ease of use to the typically intricate world of rigorous human behavior research. The redesigned study builder exemplifies how powerful human insight technologies can be seamlessly integrated and user-friendly for diverse research needs.”

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The Complete Human Behavior Research Platform

The iMotions software is a modular system, with a central hub upon which a variety of biosensors and their corresponding modules can be integrated. This multi-modal approach is designed to streamline human behavior studies, from study design and stimuli presentation to data collection and analysis, all in one unified software suite to advance human behavior research.

Whether you are working within social science, doing observations, studying human factors, conducting usability testing or working in a simulation environment, iMotions is your answer when looking to capture the full human experience.

Design studies with any mix of stimuli

iMotions allows you to use any type of stimuli for your study and intuitively visualize your study data. Work with images, video, VR environments, web content, or ‘in the wild’ setups. Build advanced study designs by point and click. Easily set up participant groups, randomizations, and block designs as needed. Through add-on sensor modules, you can extend the collection capabilities to also allow online remote studies and mobile data collection.

iMotions Lab being used to test human behavior during a simulated surgery.
iMotions Lab used in a surgery simulation with eye tracking.
iMotions Lab being used to gauge emotional engagement during video ad testing.
iMotions Lab used to record emotional engagement in a video ad.

Work with any biosensor

The iMotions platform seamlessly integrates and synchronizes multiple biosensors that each provide different human insights; such as Eye Tracking, EDA/GSR, EEG, ECG, and Facial Expression Analysis. Effortlessly integrate and synchronize different sensors from a wide range of independent vendors, across multiple modalities.

Add even more sensors through the Lab Streaming Layer. Forward data in real-time and import external sensor/software data and loop it back into the platform via the API.

We are hardware agnostic with the ability to integrate 50+ sensors from 20+ partners.

Analysis methods that work for you

iMotions provides a comprehensive suite of visualization tools and analysis methodologies. Review, annotate, and slice data as needed. Process data with built-in and transparent R Notebooks. Export raw data, results, and metrics in file formats suited to Excel, SPSS, MatLab and more for further analysis.

iMotions lab being used to treat anxiety through VR Simulation.
iMotions Lab used in a VR simulation aimed at treating anxiety.
Survey capabilities are included in iMotions Lab

Built-in Survey Tool

iMotions Lab is designed for mixed methods research and the built-in Survey capability provides flexible tools to design a questionnaire with images, likert scales, multiple choice or text input answers to triangulate participants’ stated answers with nonconscious responses from biosensors.

Including surveys in real time by fusing them into a study with other stimuli and physiological sensors can dramatically enhance study findings and mitigate the risks of response bias. The iMotions Survey Tool is always included with your software purchase, so survey integration is easy.

Design a survey from scratch or edit existing surveys. The survey can be stored as a template and retrieved later when necessary. iMotions Lab also has a robust integration with Qualtrics for advanced segmenting and logic.

Data Collection Modules

Collect data from various sources with add-on modules. See our hardware store to find compatible biosensors.


  • Study Design
  • Stimuli Presentation
  • Data Collection
  • Markup & Annotations
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Import / Export
  • Face / Environment / Scene Camera
  • Survey
  • Speech-to-text
  • R Notebooks
  • API

Study Design

  • Build advanced study designs by point and click.
  • Support within- and between-subject designs, randomizations, block designs, etc.

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