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Detect the drivers of attention in real life & lab environments

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Remote Eye Tracking

Remote Eye Tracking (Desktop)

Use eye tracking glasses in real life environments, for example: in-store shopper insights, sports or any type of activity where it is required the participant is required to move around.

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Mobile Eye Tracking (Glasses)

Use remote eye tracking for media presented in a screen such as images, videos, games & websites. Eye tracking data can be shown in real-time as the experiment happens and replayed as desired.

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“In our Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) lab, we employ state-of-the-art eye tracking systems and a large variety of biometric sensors (EEG, GSR). One of the major obstacles is the process of synchronizing the EEG and GSR signals with the eye tracking data. Fortunately, this is now done automatically in iMotions. As a result, we save considerable time and, more importantly, secure high quality data.”
Robert Atkinson, PhD, Associate Professor at Arizona State University

iMotions Eye Tracking

See Where People Are Looking

Supporting both mobile and remote eye tracking iMotions gives you the tools to execute you eye tracking research. Built in stimuli presentation engine ensures automatic synchronization and easy study execution.

Quantify visual attention

Quantify Visual Attention

Supporting both mobile and remote eye tracking iMotions gives you the tools to execute you eye tracking research. Built in stimuli presentation engine ensures automatic synchronization and easy study execution.

Analyze and export

Analyze & Export With Ease

Powerful analysis suite gives you immediate insights into key results. Heatmaps, Area of Interests, Times of Interest, and many more tools in a simple easy to use interface. Export all data and even raw sensor data for further statistical analysis in your preferred statistical tool.

Use arousal and pupil metrics

Use Pupil Dilation & Distance Metrics

Eye tracking hardware provides much more information than just where the eye is looking. Remote eye trackers can measure pupil size and distance between eye tracker and participant over time. Use these signals for advanced studies and gain even more insights into emotional responses, behavior and visual attention

Plug and play eye trackers

Plug & Play Best In-class Eye Trackers

iMotions is hardware agnostic, and integrates a wide range of eye trackers in the market from Tobii, SMI, Eyetech, EyeTribe, EyeLink and GazePoint. Remote and Mobile eye tracking products from the best brands are supported.

Automated AOI (Areas of Interest)

This new functionality is a world premiere! State-of-the-art image and object recognition technology allows researchers to easier analyze eye tracking glasses data by automatically follow Areas of Interest. The automated AOI functionality analyzes the recorded scene and updates locations and sizes of all AOIs, significantly reducing the time needed for manual AOI updating frame by frame.





Show the distribution of attention with a colour coded map superimposed on the stimulus with a high towards low / red towards green intensity indicator.

Eye tracking metrics

Eye Tracking Metrics

On all attention areas; Heatmaps of AOIs: TTFF, Time Spent, Fixations, Ratio, Revisitors, Revisits & Mouse clicks.

Areas of interest

Static & Dynamic Areas Of Interest

Select a user defined area and reveal their attention results. Export individual or aggregated results to Excel format.

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Gaze Replay and Dynamic Visualization

Show the gaze path and fixations for an individual respondent for the entire duration of the exposure time. Gaze Plot is the final view of the respondent’s path and fixations.

Quality assurance

Data collection Quality Assurance

Ensure high quality data via four step controlled process: Eye Finder, Gaze Calibration, Light & Emotion Base Calibration and Inter Slides

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Data Export

All data is available to export with a single click with a great variety of export types to get deeper in the analysis or to apply proprietary algorithms for custom outputs.

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Pupil Size Metric

Pupil dilation indicate arousal. Live visualize pupil dilation in the length of the stimuli.

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Distance Metric

Distance between the eye of the respondent and the screen (stimuli).

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Live or Post Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.

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Combine with Stimuli, Facial Expressions, EEG, GSR and more

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