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Eye tracking

Track eye position and movement to access visual attention

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Measure eye movements in real time

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With eye tracking you obtain an understanding of what attracts immediate attention,
which elements get ignored, in which order elements are noticed, and how elements compare to others.

Eye closeup showing how eye trackers work

Eye tracking

How does it work?

Light from infrared cameras is directed towards the participant’s pupils causing reflections in both the pupil and the cornea. These reflections, otherwise known as pupil center corneal reflections (PCCR) can provide information about the movement and direction of the eyes.

Academic researchers use information about eye movements and fixations to assess attentional processes, compare group behavior, measure stimuli-induced visual responses, and more.

Leading consumer brands use eye tracking to better understand customer experience and product performance by measuring visual attention to key messages in product advertisements, placement and branding, package design, and more.

Eye tracking visualizations

in the iMotions software

Eye tracking makes it possible to quantify visual attention like no other metric,
as it objectively monitors where, when and what people look at with gaze replays, heat maps, and AOIs:

Shot of Times Square with participant's gaze replay. Shot of Times Square with heat map. Shot of Times Square with areas of interest

What is Gaze Mapping?

If you want to measure visual attention to specific elements in the real world across participants with eye tracking, iMotions provides a way for dynamic visual content to be represented by a static image – this is called gaze mapping.

  • iMotions computer-vision algorithm identifies representations of the reference image (left) in the recording (right).
  • The software corrects for differences in distance and angle across participants and maps the gaze onto the reference image.
gaze mapping shelf test in lego store video

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