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EDA/GSR (Electrodermal Activity)

Measure skin conductivity to indicate emotional arousal and stress.

Measure emotional arousal through skin conductivity

Electrodermal activity (EDA, also known as galvanic skin response; GSR) measures the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Our level of emotional arousal changes in response to the environment we’re in – if something is scary, threatening, joyful, or otherwise emotionally relevant, then the subsequent change in emotional response that we experience also increases eccrine sweat gland activity. EDA / GSR serves as a valuable index of emotional arousal as it offers insights into a respondent’s underlying physiological and psychological processes.

VR EDA GSR study
EDA/GSR used to gauge a participant’s stress levels during a VR study.

Automated EDA/GSR analyses

Quantifying moments of increased physiological arousal allows you to better understand the impact of stimuli. Through our open-source R Notebooks, iMotions provides automatic EDA peak detection, as well as epoching and aggregates of binned data, helping you to fully evaluate the effect of the stimulus.

Quickly and easily assess emotional intensity

Researchers are already using the EDA/GSR module to:

  • Measure cognitive load in education
  • Investigate food craving regulation
  • Explore player experience in VR games
  • Investigate the effects of sleep deprivation
  • And more

Electrodermal Activity (EDA) / Galvanic Skin ResponsePDF

Invisible gorilla study psychology
EDA/GSR and PPG used as biosensors within the “invisible gorilla” test.


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What is Electrodermal Activity (EDA/GSR)?

What is galvanic skin response used for?

Why is galvanic skin response measured on the fingers?


  • Hardware agnostic

    Connection to Shimmer3, BIOPAC, Bionomadix, or Empatica E4

  • Data collection and visualization

    Collect, visualize, analyze, and export raw and processed data

  • Automatic peak detection

    EDA/GSR peaks, and a range of other metrics are automatically detected and calculated using R notebooks

  • Built-in QA

    Integrated quality assurance tools

  • Collect data from multiple devices

    Connect up to 6 Shimmer devices on one iMotions software license

  • Further device integrations

    • Additionally collect photoplethysmography and accelerometer data with Shimmer
  • Battery level and signal strength

    See in the iMotions software if the connected devices are powered and have a strong signal


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