About Us

Mission Statement

As the pace of disruption, innovation, and change continues to accelerate, it’s crucial to understand the impact of human perception and behavior to inform your research, your products, or your organization. We share a passion for uncovering these behaviors and perceptions, by advancing technologies that analyze the feelings and emotions that are central to every single decision. Our ecosystem includes a fully-integrated software platform, training and community learning, all seeking to simplify the ability to understand human behavior research. Come join us – we’d love to help you on your journey of discovery and innovation.

Our Mission

To power a collaborative force in elevating the human experience and understanding. 

Our Vision

To develop an accessible, powerful solution for uncovering and analyzing the underlying feelings, thoughts and human behaviors that underpin breakthrough research, decision-making, human interactions, safety, and well-being. 

Our Beliefs


Why do people make the decisions they do? You probably ask that question every day – about your research, your business, your products. We share that same innate curiosity – a passion to know what people really think and really feel – in ways they can’t, or won’t, tell us.


Communication, trust, and working together are at the heart of great research and understanding. It’s how we work together to build on scientific tradition, while embracing new technology. How we rely on scientific methodologies, while challenging ourselves to test the unknown. It’s central to our success – and to yours. 


Great tools are only as good as an understanding of how to use them to your advantage. We believe our human behavioral analysis platform is unparalleled in investigating human complexity. But we take as much pride in the learning and support we provide – through training, education and community learning – that helps you uncover the behavioral insights that can transform your work.


We know that your innovation is only as good as ours. In an ever-changing world, impacting attitudes, tastes, perspectives, realities, you need tools that constantly evolve to help you understand cognition and decision making to propel your search, redefine customer experiences, provide optimal environments for learning, and improve human well-being.