Why Buy Hardware From iMotions

Purchasing the iMotions software suite means that you have the world’s premier human behavior software analysis platform at your fingertips, but what about the physical research equipment, aka the hardware? 

At its core, iMotions is hardware-agnostic software. By being hardware-agnostic, we have the advantage of only partnering with the best hardware manufacturers in order to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible tools. 

Purchasing the right research equipment is crucial when you want to ensure the smoothest possible data collection process, the best results, and the best quality of data to analyze with iMotions. For that exact reason, iMotions is a trusted reseller of many of the world’s leading biosensors.   

How to choose the correct hardware for your research?

Choosing a piece of hardware that we list on this website means that the product, be it EEG devices, eye tracking glasses, or GSR devices, is thoroughly tested and fully integrated to work smoothly within the iMotions software. 

Our in-house product carries out all the quality assurance, testing, and integration. Our development experts test and verify all hardware connections to ensure that when you use iMotions as a hardware vendor, you get a device fit for your research with its full potential unlocked from the start. 

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