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A new version of iMotions Online is launching soon, bringing a fully browser-based experience, a new powerful survey tool, revamped study designer and of course uses the latest version of iMotions WebET 3.0 and AFFDEX for high accuracy biometric data collection.

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Webcam Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis – Online and without the hassle

The use of human behavioral tools in commercial research has exploded over the last decade. More and more studies are requiring specific demographic samples or sufficiently diverse populations that make it difficult to bring the right kind of participants into a lab for testing. iMotions Online is the perfect tool to leverage the insights offered by eye tracking and facial expression analysis while also maintaining high flexibility.

iMotions Online is ideal for students becoming adapt to biometric technologies as part of schools’ curriculum and beginner researchers looking to break into behavioral insights work. While it integrates fewer technologies and less data depth than iMotions Lab, it can be deployed quickly and easily across the globe via a browser interface.

Leverage two of our most popular features; eye tracking and facial expression analysis
Send studies to your respondents through the cloud for fast research turnaround

iMotions Online lets you test anywhere, at any time

Computer vision algorithms enable biometrics to be collected from a participant’s own webcam in a cost-effective approach with no expensive hardware necessary. Through a cloud portal, research teams can create and view each others’ studies, collaborating from anywhere in the world.

Studies can be built from the ground up, ranging from image and video media testing to website testing and surveys, and providing multi-language support for testing international populations. Studies are then deployed via URL to research participants, made easier by iMotions Online’s integration with panel providers.

In keeping with iMotions’ commitment to transparency and scientific rigor, iMotions’ algorithms for facial expression analysis and webcam eye tracking have been validated and presented at scientific research conferences, assuring you get the highest quality data given the state of the technology.

Webcam Eye tracking that actually works

We have devoted significant time and effort to making remote eye tracking as accurate as possible, to make sure that it is a viable alternative to screen-based eye tracking that can make a difference for researchers everywhere. To ensure that quantitative data collection and data quality go hand in hand, we have focused on optimizing the webcam eye tracking feature to be able to deliver results in spite of changing lighting conditions as well as training it against one of the largest data sets in the world for eye tracking. All to make sure that as much viable data as possible is gathered.

We have tested the webcam eye tracking algorithm against a state-of-the-art screen-based eye tracker and made it into a blog, a study, and a whitepaper (link downloads a pdf).

Webcam eye tracking vs. eye trackers – pros and cons

iMotions Online leverages our proprietary Webcam Eye Tracking technology.
Webcam eye tracking allows for seamless global data collection.
iMotions have partnered with Affectiva and RealEyes to ensure the right tools are available depending on your research.

Choose between the world’s premier online Facial Expression Analysis tools.

iMotions Online lets you choose between Affectiva or RealEyes to power your online facial expression analysis studies.

Affectiva: Affectiva’s Emotion AI detects all the nuanced emotions that your respondents are showing – consciously as well as subconsciously. iMotions is the only company that offers Affectiva’s in-lab SDK and is now also available for online facial research.

RealEyes: Measure the attention, emotions, and reactions of your audience to gauge the effectiveness of ads, videos, products, and messaging. Achieve global insights through RealEyes’ advanced and culturally sensitive AI software to make sure that everyone is being seen.


  • Webcam Eye Tracking

    Webcam Eye tracking allows you to leverage the power of commercially available webcams to conduct in-depth eye tracking studies on a quantitative, global scale.

  • Facial Expression Analysis

    Measure the emotional engagement of your participants through their webcams with facial expression analysis. Choose between Affectiva’s AFFDEX or RealEyes software, for the best fit for your research scope.

  • Website Testing

    iMotions Online is the perfect companion for website testing. Set up studies quickly and easily, and get insights on your website from a global audience.

  • Screen Recordings

    Include screen recordings in your study and see heat maps overlaid with both individual and aggregated data.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Secure cloud server infrastructure. Chose between servers located in and outside the EU for GDPR compliant data storage and processing.

  • Language Support

    Send studies to people with instructions in their native language. iMotions Online currently supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian and German.

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