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Learn eye tracking and facial expression analysis through hands on experience

iMotions Online combines the powers of quantitative surveys and biometrics, allowing you to reach people anywhere in the world to test websites, videos and images and see their immediate reactions with objective data in the form of eye tracking, facial expression and emotion recognition. Designed to accommodate classroom teaching and multiple users, iMotions Online not only is easy to use but also comes with licenses suitable for use in courses.

iMotions Online is perfect for teaching novice users the power of biometric research using eye tracking and facial expression analysis together with traditional methods such as surveys. All students get access to the software and can create their own studies, all from their own laptops.


Upload Your Image, Video
or Website Link

You can use one or more types of
media in your test. Ask questions
with the built-in surveys for even
more insights.


Share Your Test

Share a link to your test with your own audience or use the integrated panel providers to reach specific demographics


Analyze The Results!

Once participants have conducted the study you can see the results. Explore eye tracking heatmaps, emotions and facial expressions, and see a screen recording of exactly what the participants saw.

Powered by
iMotions WebET 3.0

Based on state-of-the-art technology iMotions WebET 3.0 is the most accurate and robust webcam eye tracking solution available on the market.

iMotions WebET 3.0 White Paper

Facial Expression Analysis
with Affectiva AFFDEX

iMotions Online is powered by the same algorithm as is used by university and commercial research labs across the world to recognize emotions and facial expressions.

This provides you with statistics for valence and engagement, and detects 7 core emotions: Joy, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Contempt and Disgust, as well as two high-level emotions Sentimentality, and Confusion.

Beautiful Surveys

We included a feature rich survey tool in iMotions Online so that you don’t need to rely on third party integrations. You can now have all the flexibility and functionality of the large survey platforms, but with only one subscription to pay and only one place to manage your participants.

Study Builder

Insert blocks into your study design. A block can hold single or multiple instances of stimuli. These blocks can allow for a randomized sequence of stimuli within an otherwise controlled sequence of stimuli outside of the block (or vice versa).

No Extra Hardware Needed

iMotions online works in any modern browser on all major operating systems. The only requirements are access to a web camera and internet connection.

Privacy Focused

Privacy control is built into iMotions Online allowing you to set access per project on an individual user level or allow your whole team or organisation to access the project. We store data within the EU in secure cloud storage and are fully GDPR compliant.

Get a Demo

We’d love to learn more about you! Talk to a specialist about your research and business needs and get a live demo of the capabilities of the iMotions Research Platform.


  • Webcam Eye Tracking

    Webcam Eye tracking allows you to use ordinary webcams to conduct in-depth eye tracking studies on a quantitative, global scale. Find out more.

  • Facial Expression Analysis

    Measure the emotional engagement of your participants through their webcams with facial expression analysis. Powered by AFFDEX which is trained on 17.4M face videos, 8B facial frames and is used by 90% of the world’s largest advertisers. Find out more.

  • Surveys

    Comprehensive survey capabilities, enabling researchers to design and implement detailed surveys within their studies. Supports a variety of question types and advanced customization options to cater to diverse research needs. Find out more.

  • Study Builder

    Robust and flexible study building capabilities, enabling researchers to design comprehensive studies tailored to their specific needs. The platform supports a wide range of stimuli, including images, videos, websites, and custom surveys, all integrated seamlessly into the study workflow. Find out more.

  • Data Analysis

    Comprehensive suite of data analysis tools designed to provide deep insights into biometric and behavioral research. Generate Heatmaps, analyze Gaze Paths, draw custom Areas of Interest (AOI) for statistics, and dive into Facial Expressions and Survey Results.

  • Language Support

    Send studies to people with instructions in their native language. iMotions Online currently supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, German, Dutch, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Turkish.

  • Data Export

    Extensive data export options to facilitate detailed analysis and reporting. Export entire studies, individual signals, and visualizations in multiple formats, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. Find out more.

  • Third-party Panel Providers

    iMotions Online seamlessly integrates with various third-party panel providers such as Forsta, Prolific, Qualtrics, CINT, Amazon MTurk, and Sona Systems. Find out more.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Secure cloud server infrastructure. Chose between servers located in and outside the EU for GDPR compliant data storage and processing.

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Here you can find some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. If you have questions you cannot find here, or elsewhere on our website, please contact us here.

See the full FAQ here.

What is iMotions Online?

Can I use any webcam for eye tracking?

How does facial expression analysis work?

How accurate is webcam eye tracking?

Does webcam eye tracking work in all browsers?

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  • Advancing Student Success Through Biometric Research at Loyola University Chicago

    What once was reserved for the graduate level is now making its way to the undergraduate classroom at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business. In Professor Dinko Bačić’s course, juniors and seniors are conducting advanced biometric research with real-world applications, culminating in an impressive seven IRB-approved research papers, all within a single semester. Through […]

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  • Ensuring Future-Facing Education with iMotions Online

    One of the significant hurdles for students in leveraging specialized software effectively lies in the rather steep learning curve required to master it. Often, this learning curve alone renders the endeavor of teaching students to use specialized software for a single semester or two unfeasible for any student-focused tool. This often means that the privilege […]

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  • Weeding out deceitful responses in online surveys

    Failing to successfully exclude deceitful survey respondents could potentially set research, branding, and/or marketing endeavors on the wrong path to the detriment of time, cost, and effort. Researchers at the University of South Florida evaluated respondents’ facial expressions using iMotions to find signs of “bad actors.”

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