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Eye Tracking Glasses

Unlock real-world insights with wearable eye tracking technology.

Track natural eye movements, anywhere

Eye tracking glasses enable researchers to follow the natural gaze and attention of participants in any environment. Understanding how participants behave in truly natural settings requires moving out of the lab and taking research tools to them. Eye tracking glasses are entirely non-invasive, allowing for unprecedented insight into how people see the world.

Eye tracking glasses video game
A study examining real-world gaze while playing video games.

Turn sight into insight

Real-world eye tracking data can be collected using world-leading, research-grade glasses from Pupil Labs, Viewpointsystem, Argus Science, and SMI. This data can be seamlessly synchronized with a range of biosensors. The Eye Tracking Glasses Module allows for advanced analysis using tools such as gaze mapping, areas of interest (AOIs), and provides over 30 gaze, fixation, and saccade-based metrics.

A real view of attention

Researchers are already using the eye tracking glasses module to:

  • Help measure trust in automated cars
  • Explore haptic feedback for prosthetic development
  • Test situational awareness in power station control rooms
  • Investigate gaze in urban environments
  • And more
eye tracking glasses driving simulator
Eye tracking glasses used in a study examining attention while texting and driving in a simulator.

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How do eye tracking glasses work?

What can eye tracking glasses do?

When should I use eye tracking glasses?


  • Hardware Agnostic

    Connection to eye tracking glasses such as Pupil Lab Glasses (Core and Invisible), Argus Science ETVision, Viewpointsystem VPS 19 and ASL Mobile Eye XG

  • Live Streaming

    Live streaming for qualitative insights and advanced analytic tools for insights in real-world environments

  • Automated QA

    Avoid bad data with built-in Quality Assurance tools that helps keep calibration and evaluate the collected data

  • Gaze Replays

    Look at gaze replays from both individual and aggregated data

  • Areas of Interest (AOI)

    Static & dynamic areas of interest (AOIs) and heat maps, with manual and semi-automated options

  • Interpolated AOI generation

    Automated AOI generation allows for tracking of an area throughout a video

  • Built-in Automated Metrics

    Over 30 automated metrics such as Time to First Fixation, Time Spent, Ratio, Revisits, and Fixation Count, making it quick and easy to gain insights from the collected data

  • Gaze Mapping

    Gaze mapping provides an aggregate view of dynamic scenes. Calculate gaze mapping locally or in the cloud to speed up analysis of large scale studies

  • Flexible Data Export

    Export all data including X,Y coordinates, AOI metrics, pupillometry, and more in a flexible format for further analysis


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