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  • Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Emotional Experiences in an Immersive Virtual Teaching Simulation through Facial Expression Recognition

    GatedUniversity of South Florida College of Education + 218/05/2018

    This study investigated preservice teachers’ emotional experiences while interacting within a virtual scenario-based teacher-training system called Simulation for Teaching Enhancement of Authentic Classroom behavior Emulator (SimTEACHER). We created three types of interactions (no interaction, unexpected interaction, and expected interaction) within SimTEACHER and examined the influences of the interaction design on preservice teachers’ emotional responses in […]

  • A Critical Analysis of FDA Guidance for User Percentile Device Design Criteria Versus Currently Available Human Factors Engineering Data Sources and Industry Best Practices

    Open AccessMauro Usability Science + 216/08/2019

    Objective To report on the use of an eye-tracking retrospective think-aloud for usability evaluation and to describe its application in assessing the usability of a mobile health app. Materials and Methods We used an eye-tracking retrospective think-aloud to evaluate the usability of a HIV prevention mobile app among 20 young men (15-18 years) in New […]

  • Trust in Automated Parking Systems

    Open AccessUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville + 215/08/2022

    In two studies, we evaluated the trust and usefulness of automated compared to manual parking using an experimental paradigm and by surveying owners of vehicles with automated parking features. In Study 1, we compared participants’ ability to manually park a Tesla Model X and use the Autopark feature to complete perpendicular and parallel parking maneuvers. […]

  • Evaluation of Cyclist Galvanic Skin Response and Visual Attention in Commercial Vehicle Loading Zones

    Open AccessOregon State University 08/08/2022

    With growing freight operations throughout the world, there is a push for transportation systems to accommodate trucks during loading and unloading operations. Currently, many urban locations do not provide loading and unloading zones, which results in trucks parking in places that obstruct bicyclist’s roadway infrastructure (e.g., bicycle lanes). To understand the implications of these truck […]

  • Gaze Behaviors of Neurosurgeon in Performing Gross Movements under Microscope

    GatedUniversity of Alberta 01/08/2022

    Frequent intermittent bleeding control and suction are often necessary during micro-neurosurgical procedures. We compared the visual searching strategy that guides these types of gross hand movements between expert surgeons and neurosurgical residents. A total of 70 trials of a microsurgical task consisting of moving a cotton ball with bipolar forceps and a suction instrument under […]

  • Work-in-progress-Gamifying the process of Learning Sign Language in VR

    GatedUniversity of Westminster + 211/07/2022

    This study recognizes the need for providing a tool to facilitate learning British Sign Language (BSL). Virtual reality coupled with gamification holds exciting prospects to accommodate this need. This paper presents a work-in-progress study that focuses on evaluating the impact of combining scaffolded instruction with gamification to design a 3D interactive game to support learning […]

  • Investigating the relationship between facial mimicry and empathy

    Open Access11/07/2022

    Facial expressions play a key role in interpersonal communication when it comes to negotiating our emotions and intentions, as well as interpreting those of others. Research has shown that we can connect to other people better when we exhibit signs of empathy and facial mimicry. However, the relationship between empathy and facial mimicry is still […]

  • Visual Tailoring and Skin Cancer Prevention: Comparing Personalized, Stock, and Non-Ultraviolet Images

    GatedBrigham Young University + 228/06/2022

    Past research has demonstrated that ultraviolet (UV) photos – which reveal skin damage as dark patches – can increase preventive behaviors. Emerging camera technology facilitates personalized UV photos for interventions, yet little is known about how personalized photos compare to other visuals and what cognitive or affective mechanism explains their persuasive impact. To engage this […]

  • Estimating Developers’ Cognitive Load at a Fine-grained Level Using Eye-tracking Measures

    Open AccessUniversity of St Gallen16/05/2022

    The comprehension of source code is a task inherent to many software development activities. Code change, code review and debugging are examples of these activities that depend heavily on developers’ understanding of the source code. This ability is threatened when developers’ cognitive load approaches the limits of their working memory, which in turn affects their […]

  • Understanding Drivers’ Physiological Responses in Different Road Conditions

    GatedUniversity of Missouri 16/06/2022

    Although the driver’s emotion has been studied in the different driving environments (such as city and highway), understanding what eye metrics and facial expressions correspond to specific emotion and behavior based on subjective and biosensor data to study emotion in depth is not well researched in previous studies. Using an eye-integrated human-in-the-loop (HTIL) simulation experiment, […]


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