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Voice Analysis

See beyond words with voice analysis

Enhancing Research with Precise Voice Insights

Voice analysis allows you to extract information beyond linguistics. Go deep into emotion analysis and collect data related to emotion detection (angry, happy, sad, neutral), and emotional valence (arousal, dominance, and valence). Explore fundamental voice features with metrics relating to prosody, including pitch, loudness, speaking rate, and intonation. Get data regarding perceived gender and age.

How does it work?

Any video or recording with someone speaking can be processed with the Voice Analysis Module. This means that not only can you start using this for new research but you can also go back and re-analyze old data – allowing you to uncover new findings or increase the validity of your data set by adding yet another dimension of measurement.

Once the audio has been processed locally you can chose which signals to show in the timeline, allowing for quick visualization of the data.

Powered by audEERING

We have partnered with audEERING to bring this exceptional integration natively into iMotions. The devAIce® models by audEERING come with the Voice Analysis module and all processing runs locally on your own hardware, ensuring privacy and security.


  • Emotion Detection

    Angry, happy, neutral, sad.

  • Perceived Gender and Age

    Estimate of the age and gender of the speaker based on voice characteristics.

  • Prosody

    Pitch, Loudness, Speaking Rate, Intonation.

  • Emotion Dimensions

    Arousal, Dominance, Valence.

  • Local Data Processing

    All data processing takes place offline on your own hardware ensuring full control.

Use Cases

Clinical Research

Clinical research has utilized voice analysis for decades to differentiate between clinical populations. For example, studies have identified voice biomarkers for dysarthric speech, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and
Parkinson’s Disease

Social and Behavioral Research

Voice analysis is commonly applied within social and behavioral sciences to better understand how our voice reflects our personality, affects the people around us, or how different factors influence how we perceive other voices.

UX and Computer Science

Voice analysis can greatly enhance our user experience and understanding of voice assistants, security, psychology, and marketing. Helping designers and engineers craft better experiences.

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Combine With Speech-to-Text For Sentiment Analysis

Automatically transcribe speech and have the content analyzed for sentiment based on the words used. iMotions offer Speech-to-text via Assembly AI integration and you get the data right in iMotions for easy analysis. This is a powerful combination with Voice Analysis and allows to get a full picture of the emotional state of the person speaking and what they are saying.

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  • Voice Analysis

    Voice analysis is a powerful tool that provides insights into human behavior and psychology. Analyzing aspects like pitch, tone, and rhythm helps understand emotional states and well-being. It’s versatile, non-invasive, and has a low entry barrier, making it attractive for researchers. Voice analysis has been used in emotion recognition, health monitoring, lie detection, and speaker identification. Discover more about voice analysis in the complete pocket guide.

Enable Multimodal Research

Designed for academics with the mission to elevate the quality, and quantity of human insights, iMotions is the only truly multi modal research platform which allows you to capture the full picture of human behavior. Read about the features for each module which have been developed to ensure data validity and ease of use and configuration.

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