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Measure breaths to understand physiological and emotional arousal.

Measure cognitive and emotional data from respiration

Respiration is a measurement of the breath. Our breathing changes in relation to our actions in the world – whether physical or mental. Engaging in exercise clearly changes how we breath, but it also changes in response to increased cognitive load, emotionally-charged stimuli, and even while communicating with others. Respiration provides a non-intrusive and incisive insight into a participant’s actions and reactions in the world.

Respiration is measured by a strap placed on the chest and/or abdomen.

How does it work?

The Respiration module supports non invasive wired and wireless sensors from BIOPAC and PluX Biosignals that straps to the torso and detects changes in chest or abdominal movements as a result of breathing. Raw data is then streamed to iMotions Lab ready for analysis.

Analytical tools for respiration

iMotions provides automatic tools that streamline respiration analysis. This includes notch and bandpass filtering, breath detection, Respiration Rate (breaths/min), Respiratory Cycle Count (number of respiration cycles in a period of time), and Respiratory Cycle Duration (in seconds).

View breath detection together with other modalities for easy analysis.
Research shows increase in respiration rate correlates with increase in cognitive workload.

Bring respiration into your analysis

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  • Signal processing

    Notch filters, band pass filters

  • Available metrics

    Respiration rate (breaths/min), respiratory cycle count (number of respiration cycles in a period of time), respiratory cycle duration (in seconds).

  • Battery level and signal strength

    See in the iMotions software if the connected devices are powered and have a strong signal

  • Data collection and visualization

    Collect, visualize, analyze, and export raw and processed data


  • Respiration Pocket Guide

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