All-in-One Human Behavior Research Software 

Synchronize, Visualize and Analyze your Human Behavior Research

We simplify research.

Combine sensors

Easily execute multi modal research

With iMotions’ biometric research platform researchers can combine Eye Tracking, Facial Expressions, Galvanic Skin Response, EEG, EMG, ECG right out-of-the-box.

Easy software solutions

No more Frankenstein solutions

With iMotions, you don’t need to integrate or navigate 3-4 software tools to execute your research. iMotions is one simple software solution with sophisticated stimuli presentation and prebuilt integrations making it very easy to use.

Plug and play sensors

Plug & play 50+ best-in-class sensors

iMotions is hardware agnostic and integrates out-of-the-box with the leading products in each category. iMotions is always scanning the market to integrate the latest and greatest devices. Replace outdated hardware with new hardware without losing data

Accelerate your research

Accelerate your research & never lose data

Motions is extremely easy to setup and use, allowing researchers to increase both throughput of research projects and findings. iMotions software is backwards compatible, so old data is never outdated and lost.

API integration

Integrate with anything

Want to integrate your own sensor? No problem. iMotions has an open input and output API, that allows you to import data from a third party sensor into the platform, process it and forward it back to the sensor, allowing you to to create powerful feedback loops.

Mass production labs

Mass produce human behavior data in megalabs

Manage your enterprise lab or university mega lab with iMotions’ powerful suite. Enterprise functionality for respondent management, study sharing, quality control management and much more ensures an efficient and cutting edge lab environment.

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Integrated Hardware

iMotions is hardware agnostic and supports best-in-class hardware devices

Biometric Hardware Partners

Integrated Software Modules

Eye tracking

facial coding technology

Facial Expressions





Any third party sensor

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Duane Varan
“At MediaScience, we have over 120 eye tracking stations from across seven different suppliers. Top that off with both of the leading facial coding engines, with different biometric sensors and with a range of proprietary hardware systems, developed from our own engineers, and you have a universe of data sources all requiring integration. iMotions has played a critical role in bringing all of our data together in a single unified system.”
Duane Varan, Founder & CEO at MediaScience

How it works

Study design

Design Your Study

• Identity and choose methodology

• Setup stimuli via drag and drop interface

• Use images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real products and much more

Connect sensors

Connect Sensors

• Plug and play desired sensors

• Configure to study setup

• Control data quality of data streams

Test respondents

Test Respondents / Collect Data

• Connect sensors and run respondents through study

• Live monitor synchronized data

• Create live markers / times of interest

• See quality control metrics for optimal data collection

Visualize and analyze

Visualize & Analyze

Create analysis on individual or aggregated level

• Replay data for deeper insights

• Slice and dice data with times of interests, area of interests, scenes etc…

Export data to matlab, excel or spss

Export & Conclude

• Export heatmaps, graphs and visualizations

• Export presentation ready metrics and video replays

• Export all raw data for further data analysis in Excel, SPSS, MATLAB etc.

• Slice and dice data with times of interest, area of interests, scenes etc…

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Main Features

Presentation of stimuli

Presentation of Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real life product scene recordings, surveys and much more.

Sophisticated study design

Sophisticated Study Designs

Flexibility to create randomizations, rotations, block designs, test plans and more

Quality assurance

Real-Time Synchronization

All sensor, stimuli and API data streams are synchronized in real-time. No more manual post synchronization of data sets.

Full API flexibility

Full API Flexibility

API input/output for integration with custom sensors and data streams, building custom dashboards and creation of feedback loops

Live Post Times of Interest

Live or Post Markers

Mark important moments during live data collection or replay to aid analysis

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance metrics for individual and group levels help ensure data integrity

Plug & Play

50+ Plug and Play Hardware

Pre-built integrations with best in class sensors allow you to choose best hardware to meet your needs


Powerful Visualizations

All synchronized data streams are visualized in combination with stimuli for individuals or groups

Export all data

Raw Data Export

Data exports in .txt format for easy import into MATLAB, SPSS, Excel, etc.

Biometric Sensors in Lab Setups

Lab solutions
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