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The iMotions Global Research Community is your gateway to a world of human behavior research with biosensors.
The community is built for iMotions users as a place to network, share knowledge, join and start discussions about research topics, sensors, script sharing, and much more.

Let us put you on the map!

As part of the global research community, we have created a convenient research map of iMotions users the world over. By creating this network hub, we hope to encourage researchers to explore the work and research of other customers as well as build collaborations, create partnerships, and share knowledge.

iMotions research map

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On the community forum, we open the floor to everyone who has something to say, ask or share. All users are encouraged to share their research, discuss methodologies, ask for advice, share tips and tricks, and much more. In short, we have created a space where knowledge from within the iMotions community can flow freely to the benefit of all users and clients.

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How to join the Community

The iMotions Global Research Community is exclusively available to iMotions clients. If you are interested in becoming an iMotions client, or if you wish to see what the research community can offer, please contact our solutions department here.