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At iMotions, we are fortunate to have created a software platform that can be applied to a wide spectrum of human behavior research using biosensor technology. This has led to the immense privilege of having customers from all over the world and from a host of different avenues of research. iMotions users’ work ranges from automotive simulations to UX testing to clinical psychology – and everything in between – and researchers use our software as the foundation for their groundbreaking research.

We have always prided ourselves on being more than just a software development company. In fact, we see ourselves equally as a research enablement company. Being able to enable our customers and end-users to conduct the best possible research has always been one of the foundational pillars of the iMotions company model. Our in-house experts have guided, helped, and troubleshot thousands of customers’ problems and requests since the company’s inception. Now we feel the time is perfect to open up the floor and give every iMotions user the chance to share their knowledge to help their peers.

Bringing the research world together

Our in-house experts are one of the great values of iMotions, but that expertise pales in comparison to the combined experience and expertise of the host of researchers, data collectors, and analysts all over the world who use our software on a daily basis. At iMotions, we see that combined global expertise as being one of the largest and most valuable resources in the field of biometric research.

In short, we are the gatekeepers of the potentially largest biosensor research community in the world. That is why we have decided to create a place where that expertise can be utilized and shared, namely the iMotions Global Research Community.

With the creation of this community, we open up for collaboration and networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and insights into what research is being conducted all around the world which will hopefully empower and inspire our users to take their research to new heights. The community consists of a Research Map and an online forum for iMotions users to explore their global network, and if you use the links in the drop-down menu, you can easily navigate to the section you prefer.

How to join

The iMotions Global Research Community is part of our Customer Success Program, which is, as the name implies, a customer-centric service program that aims at enabling you as an iMotions user on everything you might encounter while using our software.

Joining the Global Research Community will happen automatically when you become an iMotions customer and it is part of your annual renewal or subscription fees. If you are interested in becoming an iMotions user, or are you already a user and want to update your plan to include the Customer Success Program, please contact your assigned Customer Success Manager or contact us on our website below.

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