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  • Capturing food-elicited emotions: Facial decoding of children’s implicit and explicit responses to tasted samples

    Open Access07/02/2022

    Sensory and consumer research increasingly aims to gain direct input from children to study their eating behaviour. However, answering self-administered questionnaires can be challenging for children. In this sense, the prediction of basic emotions via facial decoding, generating quantitative observational data, could offer an alternative to questionnaires. The present study aimed to measure children’s implicit […]

  • What happens to your body during learning with computer-based environments? Exploring negative academic emotions using psychophysiological measurements

    GatedTechnical University of Munich 27/03/2022

    This explorative study aims to examine if electrodermal activity (EDA) and heart rate (HR) are appropriate measures for identifying and monitoring academic emotions during learning in computer-based learning environments (CBLEs). Understanding learners’ emotions while using CBLEs, allows improving the design of CBLEs. Therefore, we collected EDA, HR, and self-report data from 32 participants to measure […]

  • Emotional Empathy and Facial Mimicry of Avatar Faces

    GatedWestern Connecticut State University + 320/04/2022

    We explore the extent to which empathetic reactions are elicited when subjects view 3D motion-capture driven avatar faces compared to viewing human faces. Through a remote study, we captured subjects’ facial reactions when viewing avatar and humans faces, and elicited self reported feedback regarding empathy. Avatar faces varied by gender and realism. Results show no […]

  • Can Eye Tracking Identify Prognostic Markers for Learning Disabilities? A Preliminary Study

    GatedUniversity of Ioannina 09/04/2022

    Eye tracking is a promising technology offering objective metrics quantifying visual attention in various application fields. The employment in people with specific learning disabilities (SLDs), who reportedly manifest long-term functional social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, provided well understandings of their visual attention, detecting cognitive processing mechanisms regarding specific SLD patterns. This study focuses on investigating […]

  • “Sound” Decisions: The Combined Role of Ambient Noise and Cognitive Regulation on the Neurophysiology of Food Cravings

    GatedAarhus University + 216/02/2022

    Our ability to evaluate long-term goals over immediate rewards is manifested in the brain’s decision circuit. Simplistically, it can be divided into a fast, impulsive, reward “system 1” and a slow, deliberate, control “system 2.” In a noisy eating environment, our cognitive resources may get depleted, potentially leading to cognitive overload, emotional arousal, and consequently […]

  • Statistical emotion control: Comparing intensity and duration of emotional reactions based on facial expressions

    GatedUniversity Rey Juan Carlos 31/03/2022

    The aim is to develop an intelligent automatic facial expression recognition and emotion analysis (AFEREA) algorithm that, first, characterizes the time-based raw signals of biosensors in quantitative indicators of the emotional state of the individuals participating in an experiment and, second, compares the emotional reactions across them in terms of intensity and duration. The proposed […]

  • Electrodermal Activity Evaluation of Player Experience in Virtual Reality Games: A Phasic Component Analysis

    GatedBlekinge Institute of Technology01/04/2022

    Electrodermal activity (EDA) is considered to be an effective metric for measuring changes in the arousal level of people. In this paper, the phasic component of EDA data from players is analyzed in relation to their reported experience from a standardized questionnaire, when interacting with a couple of virtual reality games that featured two different […]

  • The Use of Eye Tracking as a Measure of Situation Awareness in Power System Control Rooms

    Open AccessTexas A&M University 01/02/2022

    Power systems control rooms are fast-paced, dynamic environments that require operators to maintain awareness of numerous pieces of information. A construct that has been previously used to examine operator ability to process and retain information is situation awareness. It is the process by which information is perceived, comprehended, and then used to project events that […]

  • Cognitive and emotional engagement while learning with VR: The perspective of multimodal methodology

    GatedTel Aviv Uiversity14/03/2022

    This study uses a multimodal data analysis approach to provide a more continuous and objective insight into how students’ engagement unfolds and impacts learning achievements. In this study, 61 nursing students’ learning processes with a virtual reality (VR)-based simulation were captured by psycho-physiological data streams of facial expression, eye-tracking, and electrodermal activity (EDA) sensors, as well […]

  • Caught in the Act: Detecting Respondent Deceit and Disinterest in On-Line Surveys. A Case Study Using Facial Expression Analysis

    Open AccessUniversity of South Florida05/02/2022

    Much social marketing research is done on-line recruiting participants through Amazon Mechanical Turk, vetted panel vendors, social media, or community sources. When compensation is offered, care must be taken to distinguish genuine respondents from those with ulterior motives. We present a case study based on unanticipated empirical observations made while evaluating perceived effectiveness (PE) ratings […]

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