iMotions Software Module


Track and analyze muscle movements from the body and the face.

Learn from muscle movements

Electromyography (EMG) records the movement of our muscles through bursts of electrical activity generated by muscle contractions.

EMG allows for a better understanding not only of muscle movements and activity, but also to investigate their association with certain emotions and behavioral outcomes, including through sensitive measurements of facial muscles with facial electromyography (fEMG).

Facial electromyography reading study
fEMG used in a reading study with eye tracking glasses.

More than skin deep

The iMotions EMG Module integrates multiple EMG devices from BIOPAC and Shimmer for flexible data collection options. For example, with iMotions you can monitor EMG from several muscle groups around the body at the same time, detect facial muscle movements (fEMG) in VR, or open up even more possibilities by pairing with the iMotions API or other biosensors. The flexible software connects, records, and live visualizes data, and is a complete experimental suite for EMG.

Measure the body and the face

Researchers are already using the EMG module to:

  • Measure physiological responses of maritime officers
  • Validate affective expressions
  • Test the influence of price on purchase decisions
  • Explore emotional expressions in response to advertisements
  • And more
Facial mimicry electromyography
fEMG used in an study investigating facial mimicry.

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What is electromyography (EMG)?

How does EMG work?

How is an EMG performed?

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Are EMG devices wearable?

What factors should be considered when selecting an EMG device?


  • Automated analysis tools

    Streamline the analysis flow with automatic data smoothing and normalization using built-in R notebooks

  • Shimmer, Biopac and Bionomadix

    Connection to Shimmer3 ECG sensor or a range of BIOPAC / Bionomadix sensors

  • Device Status Indicators

    Battery level and signal strength visualizations

  • Built-in QA

    Integrated quality assurance tools

  • Collect data from multiple devices

    Connect up to 6 Shimmer devices simultaneously on one iMotions software license

  • Further device integrations

    Additionally collect photoplethysmography and accelerometer data with Shimmer


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