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Behavioral Science Technology

Take the leap forward with the world’s leading emotion detection and behavioral analysis technology for human behavior research. iMotions is a complete software platform for data collection, synchronization, and visualization of multimodal human behavior research studies. iMotions functions like a supercharged member of your team – streamlining your behavioral data, working with sensor technology across studies, and even allowing for more cross-collaborations thanks to the flexibility of the software.

The Nerve Center

for great human behavior research

iMotions software provides the framework for great studies to happen:

  • Design experiments in the lab, online, or in the real world
  • Connect sensor data from eye tracking, facial expression analysis, skin conductance, EEG, muscle & heart activity, and wearables
  • Present stimuli in any format (video, images, VR, sound), and connect data to or from almost any device with our built-in API
  • Conduct embedded surveys to deepen the behavioral insights gleaned from biometrics
  • Export data as you need, or produce analyses with open R notebooks directly in iMotions

The Behavioral Lab

Universities such as Texas A&M, Massachusetts Amherst and many more are increasingly seeing the benefits of creating labs powered by iMotions enabling advanced multimodal human behavior research.

With our tools for both novice and highly sophisticated researchers the iMotions platform can give your university the edge to attract and engage students in research. We support the learning and training process with our academies which teaches the fundamentals of biometric research, using the different types of sensors and how to get the most out of our software.

Hear why University of Queensland Australia has chosen to build their behavioral studies lab around iMotions

Interview with lab director Jan-Willem van ‘t Klooster. 

Take Your Lab On The Road

Having a well-equipped lab, or an extensive infrastructure of online respondents ready to take part in your studies, is all well and good, but there are people who have neither the opportunity to come to your lab nor have access to a computer.

Hear how Twente University not only has build up a great lab facility but also created a mobile lab they can use to take their lab with them where ever they go.

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iMotions Software Products

Full-scale human behavior
research solutions

A software research suite that integrates an ecosystem of virtually any biosensor technology to provide the most robust data and insights available.

iMotions Lab

Trusted by researchers, iMotions Lab lets you collect and analyze data from biosensors and create studies with any stimuli

iMotions Online

Webcam Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis for deploying studies quickly and easily around the world, supported by all major browsers


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