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Neuroscience in consumer testing

As many as 80% of new products fail in the market despite having undergone several consumer tests. This indicates that traditional consumer tests may be too limited to be able to predict consumer acceptance of new products. Given that the vast majority of consumer choice is not driven by rational and conscious mechanisms but rather by underlying automatic and behavioral influences, uncovering what occurs in your customers’ nonconscious brains outside of conscious awareness is crucial to understand consumer behavior and future preferences.

iMotions – the testing hub for consumer research

iMotions’ biosensor technology gives you access to these hidden drivers by uncovering the influences, emotions, and mental states that occur in your customers’ nonconscious minds. Our product suite centers on iMotions Lab, which provides the capability to access and synchronize any combination of biosensor technologies monitoring different psycho-physiological responses and capturing biofeedback. Our Online and Mobile solutions provide the flexibility and scalability to study anyone, anywhere and at any time for speed of projects.

Study human behavior and be on the forefront of innovation

We’ve helped more than 1,300 worldwide customers, including some of the biggest brands, to challenge conventional wisdom, avoid costly concept mistakes and optimize their products and marketing. In the process, they’ve learned what we know: how reliable is your research if you’re missing the majority of what influences decision making: The nonconscious level.

iMotions Software Products

Full-scale human behavior
research solutions

A software research suite that integrates an ecosystem of virtually any biosensor technology to provide the most robust data and insights available.

iMotions Lab

Trusted by researchers, iMotions Lab lets you collect and analyze data from biosensors and create studies with any stimuli

iMotions Online

Webcam Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis for deploying studies quickly and easily around the world, supported by all major browsers


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