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Role of Effective Communication in Trust Building: Application to Human-Computer Interaction
A team leader’s gaze before and after making requests in emergency care simulation: a case study with eye-tracking glasses
Investigating Representation of Text and Audio in Educational VR using Learning Outcomes and EEG
Arousing the audience: The two-peak structure of drama film trailers
Impairments in face discrimination and emotion recognition are related to aging and cognitive dysfunctions in Parkinson’s disease with dementia
A framework for studying design thinking through measuring designers’ minds, bodies and brains
Predicting Takeover Performance in Conditionally Automated Driving
Affect and exertion during incremental physical exercise: Examining changes using automated facial action analysis and experiential self-report
Mobile and stationary eye tracking comparison – package design and in-store results
Influences of sensory attribute intensity, emotional responses, and non-sensory factors on purchase intent toward mixed-vegetable juice products under informed tasting condition
Validating Physiological Stress Detection Model Using Cortisol as Stress Bio Marker
Explicit and Implicit Measures in Video Quality Assessment