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Evaluation of Cyclist Galvanic Skin Response and Visual Attention in Commercial Vehicle Loading Zones
Gaze Behaviors of Neurosurgeon in Performing Gross Movements under Microscope
Psychophysiological responses to hookah tobacco public education messages among young adults
Work-in-progress-Gamifying the process of Learning Sign Language in VR
Investigating the relationship between facial mimicry and empathy
Visual Tailoring and Skin Cancer Prevention: Comparing Personalized, Stock, and Non-Ultraviolet Images
Estimating Developers’ Cognitive Load at a Fine-grained Level Using Eye-tracking Measures
Understanding Drivers’ Physiological Responses in Different Road Conditions
The Utility of Synthetic Reflexes and Haptic Feedback for Upper-Limb Prostheses in a Dexterous Task Without Direct Vision
How are Drivers’ Stress Levels and Emotions Associated with the Driving Context? A Naturalistic Study
Eye Tracking on Shopfloors for User Engagement with Automation
Capturing food-elicited emotions: Facial decoding of children’s implicit and explicit responses to tasted samples