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The effectiveness of online cause-related marketing message framing on hotel brand evaluation
Determining Consumer Preferences for Floral Design Elements
Performance Estimation using Deep Learning Based Facial Expression Analysis
Dermal Fat Grafting to Reconstruct the Parotidectomy Defect Normalizes Facial Attention
Impact of mainstream classroom setting on attention of children with autism spectrum disorder: an eye-tracking study
Rational, emotional, and attentional models for recommender systems
Can episodic future thinking affect food choices?
The heterogeneous processes of cheating: Attention evidence from two eye tracking experiments
Facing Driver Frustration: Towards Real-Time In-Vehicle Frustration Estimation Based on Video Streams of the Face
IMotions’ Automatic Facial Recognition and Text-Based Content Analysis of Basic Emotions and Empathy in the Application of the Interactive Neurocommunicative Technique LNCBT (Line and Numbered Concordant Basic Text)
Modeling the Relationships Between Basic and Achievement Emotions in Computer-Based Learning Environments
Andante, Allegro o Silenzio: An Examination of Background Music Tempo on Facial Emotions, Electrodermal Responses, and Reading Task Performance