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Human and Human-Interfaced AI Interactions: Modulation of Human Male Autonomic Nervous System via Pupil Mimicry
Self-Reported Emotions and Facial Expressions on Consumer Acceptability: A Study Using Energy Drinks
Soundtrack design: The impact of music on visual attention and affective responses
The Influence of Price on Purchase Intentions: Comparative Study between Cognitive, Sensory, and Neurophysiological Experiments
The Cognitive Dimension and the Affective Dimension in the Patient’s Experience
Does Eye-Tracking Have an Effect on Economic Behavior?
Neurocognitive processing of infants
Look Twice: A Computational Model of Return Fixations across Tasks and Species
Effort-Related Decision-Making in ADHD
DeepTake: Prediction of Driver Takeover Behavior using Multimodal Data
The Effects of Visual Stimuli on Attention in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Eye-Tracking Study
The Emotional Effectiveness of Advertisement