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QUEST e‑learning portal: applying heuristic evaluation, usability testing and eye tracking
Your Own Worst Enemy: Implications of the Customization, and Destruction, of Non-Player Characters
Game Atmosphere: Effects of Audiovisual Thematic Cohesion on Player Experience and Psychophysiology
MTGAT: Multimodal Temporal Graph Attention Networks for Unaligned Human Multimodal Language Sequences
Desired Content versus Digital Advertisements: An Eye-Tracking User Experience Study
Social attention to activities in children and adults with autism spectrum disorder: effects of context and age
How online advertising competes with user-generated content in TripAdvisor. A neuroscientific approach
How Soundtracks Shape What We See: Analyzing the Influence of Music on Visual Scenes Through Self-Assessment, Eye Tracking, and Pupillometry
Effects of sustained attention and video lecture types on learning performances
Psychophysiological responses to takeover requests in conditionally automated driving
Exploring the Relationship between Speech and Skin Conductance for Real-Time Arousal Monitoring
Attraction comes from many sources: Attentional and comparative processes in decoy effects