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Human, Virtual Human, Bump! A Preliminary Study on Haptic Feedback
The Effect of Taboo Content on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in a Foreign Language: A Facial Expression Analysis Study
Mimicking and sharing emotions: a re-examination of the link between facial mimicry and emotional contagion
Emotional expressions associated with therapeutic inertia in multiple sclerosis care
Multimodal Transformer for Unaligned Multimodal Language Sequences
Strong and Simple Baselines for Multimodal Utterance Embeddings
A Review of Eye Tracking in Elearning
Eye Tracking as a Method of Neuromarketing for Attention Research—An Empirical Analysis Using the Online Appointment Booking Platform from Mercedes-Benz
Basic Emotion Recogniton using Automatic Facial Expression Analysis Software
How are students’ emotions related to the accuracy of cognitive and metacognitive processes during learning with an intelligent tutoring system?
Investigating the effect of indoor thermal environment on occupants’ mental workload and task performance using electroencephalogram