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Does visual framing drive eye gaze behavior? The effects of visual framing of athletes in an increasingly visual social media world
Neurophysiological Effects of Presence in Calm Virtual Environments
A Visual Attentive Model for Discovering Patterns in Eye-Tracking Data—A Proposal in Cultural Heritage
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The influence of taste-congruent soundtracks on visual attention and food choice: A cross-cultural eye-tracking study in Chinese and Danish consumers
Eye tracking in cytotechnology education: “visualizing” students becoming experts
Storytelling, the scale of persuasion and retention: A neuromarketing approach
A Comparison of the Affectiva iMotions Facial Expression Analysis Software With EMG for Identifying Facial Expressions of Emotion
Role of Effective Communication in Trust Building: Application to Human-Computer Interaction
A team leader’s gaze before and after making requests in emergency care simulation: a case study with eye-tracking glasses
Investigating Representation of Text and Audio in Educational VR using Learning Outcomes and EEG