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Learning Relationships between Text, Audio, and Video via Deep Canonical Correlation for Multimodal Language Analysis
Native Advertising in Online News: Trade-Offs Among Clicks, Brand Recognition, and Website Trustworthiness
Panic Attack: How Illegitimate Invasions of Privacy Cause Consumer Anxiety and Dissatisfaction
Learning Multimodal Representations with Factorized Deep Generative Models
Service with a smiley face: Emojional contagion in digitally mediated relationships
Socially transmitted placebo effects
Communication system development for emotional domotics interactive space
Search Results Viewing Behavior vis-à-vis Relevance Criteria
Brand Visual Eclipse (BVE): When the Brand Fixation Spent is Minimal in Relation to the Celebrity
The effect of food anticipation on cognitive function: An eye tracking study
Effect of Feedback on Users’ Immediate Emotions: Analysis of Facial Expressions during a Simulated Target Detection Task
Predicting Learners’ Performance Using EEG and Eye Tracking Features