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Towards a conceptual framework for analysing impression management during face-to-face communication
Pictorial content, sequence of conflicting online reviews and consumer decision-making: The stimulus-organism-response model revisited
PRIME: Block-Wise Missingness Handling for Multi-modalities in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
I Can See It in Your Face. Affective Valuation of Exercise in More or Less Physically Active Individuals
The Impact of Contextualized Emotions on Self-Regulated Learning and Scientific Reasoning during Learning with a Game-Based Learning Environment
EyeCar: Modeling the Visual Attention Allocation of Drivers in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
A Framework towards Quantifying Human Restorativeness in Virtual Built Environments
The agency effect: The impact of student agency on learning, emotions, and problem-solving behaviors in a game-based learning environment
Modeling emotion in complex stories: the Stanford Emotional Narratives Dataset
Between text and platforms: A case study on the real-time emotions and psychophysiological indicators of video gaming and academic engagement
Investigating the detection of emotion concealment using the Gazepoint GP3 eye-tracker
Factorized Multimodal Transformer For Multimodal Sequential Learning