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What happens to your body during learning with computer-based environments? Exploring negative academic emotions using psychophysiological measurements
Emotional Empathy and Facial Mimicry of Avatar Faces
Can Eye Tracking Identify Prognostic Markers for Learning Disabilities? A Preliminary Study
“Sound” Decisions: The Combined Role of Ambient Noise and Cognitive Regulation on the Neurophysiology of Food Cravings
Statistical emotion control: Comparing intensity and duration of emotional reactions based on facial expressions
Electrodermal Activity Evaluation of Player Experience in Virtual Reality Games: A Phasic Component Analysis
The Use of Eye Tracking as a Measure of Situation Awareness in Power System Control Rooms
Cognitive and emotional engagement while learning with VR: The perspective of multimodal methodology
Caught in the Act: Detecting Respondent Deceit and Disinterest in On-Line Surveys. A Case Study Using Facial Expression Analysis
Measuring the Impact of Packaging in Wine, a Neuromarketing Study
Automotive Emotions: The Effect of Gender
Situation Awareness Assessment for Ship Navigation Tasks in Virtual Reality Simulation System