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Memory for diverse faces in a racially attentive context

Driver’s Emotions Detection with Automotive Systems in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
Machine data as the source of learning engagement in hands-on learning online
Analysis of Emotion and Recall in COVID-19 Advertisements: A Neuroscientific Study
Identifying and Describing Subtypes of Spontaneous Empathic Facial Expression Production in Autistic Adults
Interpretation of a 12-Lead Electrocardiogram by Medical Students: Quantitative Eye-Tracking Approach
The influence of experienced severe road traffic accidents on take-over reactions and non-driving-related tasks in an automated driving simulator study
Measuring the Impact of Museum Architecture, Spaces and Exhibits on Virtual Visitors Using Facial Expression Analysis Software
Impact of cause‐related marketing on consumer advocacy and cause participation: A causal model based on self‐reports and eye‐tracking measures
Sponsor message processing in live broadcasts—A pilot study on the role of game outcome uncertainty and emotions
Viewing Natural vs. Urban Images and Emotional Facial Expressions: An Exploratory Study
The Impact of Culture on Visual Design Perception