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A Critical Analysis of FDA Guidance for User Percentile Device Design Criteria Versus Currently Available Human Factors Engineering Data Sources and Industry Best Practices
Investigation of the dependency of the drivers’ emotional experience on different road types and driving conditions
Locally Confined Modality Fusion Network with a Global Perspective for Multimodal Human Affective Computing
Examining Course Layouts in Blackboard: Using Eye-Tracking to Evaluate Usability in a Learning Management System
Does the magnitude of relative calorie distance affect food consumption?
Divide, Conquer and Combine: Hierarchical Feature Fusion Network with Local and Global Perspectives for Multimodal Affective Computing
A comparison of the effectiveness of two types of deceit detection training methods in older adults
Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
Eye-Tracking Boston City Hall to Better Understand Human Perception and the Architectural Experience
The dualistic regulatory effect of passion on the relationship between fear of failure and negative affect: Insights from facial expression analysis
Learning Representations from Imperfect Time Series Data via Tensor Rank Regularization
Emotional domotics: a system and experimental model development for UX implementations