Survey Capabilities in iMotions Online


iMotions Online offers comprehensive survey capabilities, enabling researchers to design and implement detailed surveys within their studies. This tool supports a variety of question types and advanced customization options to cater to diverse research needs.

Customizable Survey Design

Researchers can create surveys using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface within the Survey Editor. The editor allows for multiple question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, checkboxes, dropdowns, ranking, single input, comment boxes, sliders, and matrices. Each question can be tailored to specific requirements, including modifying question text, response options, and display settings.

Advanced Logic and Flow Control

iMotions Online includes a Logic tab for setting up complex survey flows based on participant responses. This feature allows researchers to add rules that control the visibility, editability, and requirement status of questions, enhancing the interactivity and relevance of the survey. Actions can be programmed to skip questions, set answers, or complete the survey based on predefined conditions.

Preview and Real-Time Adjustments

The platform provides a Preview tab to visualize the survey from a participant’s perspective, ensuring that the design and flow are intuitive and effective. This real-time preview feature allows researchers to make necessary adjustments before deploying the survey.

JSON Editor for Advanced Customization

For users requiring more advanced configurations, the JSON Editor tab allows direct editing of the survey’s underlying code. This flexibility supports intricate customizations beyond the standard interface capabilities, catering to the needs of advanced users.

Integration and Data Collection

Surveys in iMotions Online can be seamlessly integrated with other study elements, such as eye tracking and facial expression analysis, providing a holistic approach to data collection. The platform’s survey tool enables efficient data collection from participants, with real-time processing and detailed session overviews.


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