Facial Expression Data Analysis Capabilities in iMotions Online


iMotions Online offers robust facial expression data analysis capabilities, enabling detailed emotion detection through sophisticated algorithms. This analysis provides insights into participants’ emotional states by interpreting facial movements captured via webcam.

Emotion Detection and Analysis

The platform uses Affectiva’s AFFDEX SDK to analyze 20 facial action units, high-level emotional expressions like joy and sadness, head movements, blinks, and overall valence. These metrics provide a comprehensive view of participants’ emotional responses.

Visualization Options

iMotions Online allows visualization of facial expression data as signal overlays on stimuli, with options to export these visualizations. Researchers can create dynamic or static representations of facial expressions and combine them with other biometric signals for in-depth analysis.

Detailed Metrics and Reporting

Researchers can segment participants, apply advanced visualizations, and generate detailed reports. This includes creating heatmaps for aggregated data and generating exportable visualization reports for images and videos, enhancing the ability to interpret and present findings effectively.


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