Heatmap Capabilities in iMotions Online


iMotions Online provides powerful heatmap capabilities, enabling researchers to visualize aggregated gaze data from participants. These heatmaps offer an intuitive way to identify areas of high and low visual attention on various stimuli, such as images, videos, and websites.

Dynamic and Static Heatmaps

Heatmaps in iMotions Online can be displayed dynamically, showing the progression of visual attention over time, or statically, presenting an overall view of gaze patterns throughout the exposure to the stimulus. This dual capability allows researchers to understand both temporal and spatial aspects of visual engagement.

Customizable Visualization

Researchers can customize heatmaps with different color schemes and export them for detailed analysis and reporting. The ability to create heatmap visualizations enhances the understanding of how participants interact with stimuli, making it an invaluable tool for fields like UX/UI design, marketing, and cognitive research.

Areas of Interest (AOIs)

Heatmaps can be further refined using Areas of Interest (AOIs), which allow researchers to focus on specific regions within a stimulus. This feature provides detailed metrics on visual engagement within predefined zones, enabling precise analysis of participant behavior.

Integration with Other Data

The heatmap capabilities in iMotions Online seamlessly integrate with other biometric data, such as facial expression analysis and eye-tracking metrics. This comprehensive approach ensures that researchers can derive meaningful insights from multiple data streams, enriching the overall analysis.


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