Study Building Capabilities in iMotions Online

iMotions Online offers robust and flexible study building capabilities, enabling researchers to design comprehensive studies tailored to their specific needs. The platform supports a wide range of stimuli, including images, videos, websites, and custom surveys, all integrated seamlessly into the study workflow.

Flexible Study Design

Researchers can easily create and manage studies using the intuitive Study Builder interface. Users can upload various stimuli and arrange them in blocks, allowing for complex study designs that cater to diverse research objectives.

Customizable Options

iMotions Online provides extensive customization options to enhance study precision and participant engagement. Researchers can edit stimuli names, display orders, and types, as well as set automatic or manual advancement through the study. Additionally, head position checks and eye detection settings are available to optimize data quality under various conditions.

Data Collection and Management

Once the study is designed, data collection is streamlined with features like real-time session tracking and quality indicators for eye-tracking data. Researchers can monitor participant engagement and data integrity through detailed session overviews, ensuring high-quality results.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

iMotions Online’s study building capabilities are designed to be user-friendly, reducing setup time and complexity. This accessibility allows researchers to focus on their core objectives, whether conducting large-scale remote studies or small, targeted experiments.


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