Webcam-Based Facial Expression Analysis in iMotions Online

iMotions Online incorporates cutting-edge webcam-based Facial Expression Analysis (FEA) technology, enabling analysis of emotional expressions using standard webcams. This system, powered by Affectiva’s deep learning algorithms, identifies and interprets facial movements to detect emotions such as, joy, anger, fear, surprise, sadness, contempt and disgust.

How It Works

The facial expression analysis process involves several automated steps:

  1. Face Detection: The system first locates the face within the video feed.
  2. Landmark Identification: Key facial landmarks are identified.
  3. Expression Analysis: AI algorithms analyze these landmarks to predict emotional states based on learned patterns from a vast dataset.


Webcam-based FEA is valuable in diverse fields such as market research, user experience studies, and psychological research. It allows researchers to gain deeper insights into human behavior and emotional responses in a non-intrusive manner.


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