iMotions Online utilizes advanced machine vision technology to enable remote biometric research through a web-based platform. Two primary biometrics featured are webcam-based eye tracking and facial expression analysis (also popularly known as emotion recognition). The eye tracking technology, powered by iMotions WebET 3.0, offers accurate and robust tracking, allowing researchers to analyze visual attention and gaze patterns to a wide array of stimuli types. Facial expression analysis, powered by Affectiva AFFDEX, detects and analyzes core emotions such as joy, anger, and surprise by using AI to interpret facial movements captured via webcam. These tools facilitate in-depth behavioral studies without the need for specialized hardware, making biometric research more accessible and scalable.

With these capabilities, iMotions Online allows researchers to create and share studies globally, integrating multimedia stimuli and surveys for comprehensive data collection. The platform supports data visualization, including eye-tracking heatmaps and emotion recognition, providing valuable insights into participant responses. This versatility and ease of use make iMotions Online a powerful tool for educational and commercial research, enabling detailed analysis of human behavior from anywhere in the world.


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