Gaze Path Capabilities in iMotions Online


iMotions Online’s Gaze Path capabilities provide a detailed visualization of eye-tracking data, allowing researchers to understand how participants interact with visual stimuli. This feature enables both dynamic and static analyses, offering comprehensive insights into visual attention and behavior.

Dynamic and Static Visualizations

The Gaze Path can be viewed dynamically, replaying eye movements over time to illustrate the temporal sequence of gaze points. This dynamic view simulates a live interaction with the stimulus, highlighting the order and duration of each fixation. Alternatively, the static view aggregates all gaze points over the exposure period, displaying a comprehensive map of fixations with color-coded durations.

Detailed Analysis

Researchers can use the Gaze Path to analyze the order and duration of fixations, helping to identify areas of high visual engagement and the sequence of attention. This data is crucial for understanding user behavior in various contexts, such as website usability, advertisement effectiveness, and cognitive research.

Customization and Reporting

iMotions Online allows customization of Gaze Path visualizations, including color schemes and overlay options. Researchers can generate detailed reports that include gaze paths, heatmaps, and other visual data, making it easy to share insights and findings.


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