Areas of Interest Capabilities in iMotions Online


iMotions Online offers advanced Areas of Interest (AOI) capabilities, allowing researchers to pinpoint and analyze specific regions within a stimulus. This feature enhances the precision of visual attention studies and provides detailed insights into participant behavior.

Custom AOI Creation

Researchers can create custom AOIs by tracing around desired sections of an image or video stimulus. Multiple AOIs can be defined within the same stimulus, each with customizable names and colors for easy identification and analysis. This flexibility enables the detailed examination of specific elements within complex visual content.

Detailed AOI Metrics

Once AOIs are established, iMotions Online calculates a range of metrics, including fixation-based and mouse-based metrics. These metrics provide valuable data on how participants interact with specific areas, such as the duration of their gaze or the number of clicks within an AOI. This granular data helps researchers understand the effectiveness of visual elements and user interactions in detail.

Versatile Applications

AOIs are particularly useful in various research contexts, such as user experience (UX) testing, marketing research, and psychological studies. By focusing on particular areas of interest, researchers can derive more nuanced insights into how visual stimuli influence attention and behavior.

Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

The platform integrates AOI data with other biometric signals, offering a holistic view of participant responses. Researchers can visualize these interactions through gaze paths, heatmaps, and signal overlays, and export detailed reports for further analysis. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of visual engagement are thoroughly examined and documented.


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