Survey Results Analysis in iMotions Online


iMotions Online offers comprehensive options for analyzing survey results, providing both visual and tabular data representations. This flexibility allows researchers to gain in-depth insights into their data, tailored to various research needs.

Analytics Mode

In Analytics mode, survey results are displayed in different formats, such as bar charts, pie charts, and word clouds, depending on the question type. Researchers can adjust the presentation format, results order, and calculation type to suit their analysis. Hovering over charts provides detailed information, download options, and image editing tools for customized visual data representation.

Table Mode

Table mode presents raw survey data in a detailed, searchable, and sortable format. Researchers can download data in .csv, .xlsx, or .json formats, and utilize column options for reorganizing, hiding, or detailing specific data points. This mode is ideal for comprehensive data analysis and easy export of results.

Interactive Visualization and Export

iMotions Online enables researchers to interact with visualizations, zooming in on specific data points and panning across charts for detailed examination. Visual reports can be exported for further analysis or presentation, ensuring the results are easily shareable and interpretable.


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