Data Analysis Capabilities of iMotions Online

iMotions Online offers a comprehensive suite of data analysis tools designed to provide deep insights into biometric and behavioral research. Key features include:

  1. Facial Expression Analysis: Utilizing Affectiva’s AFFDEX SDK, this feature detects and analyzes core emotions and facial action units.
  2. Eye Tracking Analysis: Provides visualizations such as gaze paths and heatmaps to track visual attention.
  3. Survey Results: Offers both analytics and table views, customizable for different question types and result presentations.
  4. Signal Overlays: Combines multiple biometric signals for a holistic view.
  5. AOIs (Areas of Interest): Allows detailed analysis of specific visual regions within stimuli.

These tools enable researchers to conduct detailed, real-time analysis and generate comprehensive reports, enhancing the understanding of participant behavior and responses.

Explore the comprehensive Student Guide to Data Analysis in iMotions Online, designed to help students navigate the complexities of data analysis using this powerful platform.

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