SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

Hardware Specifications

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses is mobile eye tracking technology that has been proven by world-class companies in study settings that range from scientific research e.g in human factors, sports and psychology, medical task training to professional use in shopper and packaging studies, car clinics, professional and sports training. (Integrates with iMotions but no longer manufactured or sold). Please see Argus Science Glasses

The SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are compatible with the iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module.

Eye Tracking Glasses
SMI Eye Tracking Glasses
Sample rate
60 Hz / 120 Hz
Eye tracking technique
Dark pupil
Binocular eye tracking
Parallax compensation
Calibration procedure
0-point, 1-point and 3-point
173 x 58 x 156 mm; 138 to 180 mm (head width ear to ear)
Scene camera, video resolution
1280x960p @ 24FPS, 960x720p @ 30 FPS;
Scene camera, video format
Scene camera, field of view
60° horizontal, 46° vertical
Integrated microphone

The iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module

Main features

To analyze the eye tracking data you’ve gathered from eye tracking glasses like the SMI Glasses, you’ll need software that can provide the precision and accuracy your study requires. With the iMotions Eye Tracking Glasses Module, you can analyze your real-world eye tracking data with metrics such as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Gaze replays
  • Areas of interest (AOI)
  • Time to first fixation
  • Automated gaze-mapping: converts gaze from dynamic environments into static scenes for simpler aggregation and analysis