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ETVision System

Argus Science ET Vision Glasses with connector
  • Argus Science ET Vision Glasses with connector

Wearable 180 Hz binocular Eye Tracking System

The ETVision system from Argus Science, provides high update rate and binocular measurement, with the ultimate in ease of use and complete mobility indoors or out.

ETVision builds upon our experience with lightweight, un-obtrusive eye trackers and takes these capabilities to the next level.

Conceived to allow the investigator to capture data in multiple ways over a longer period of time, the ETVision may be worn either by participants with uncorrected vision…or by participants wearing their own prescription glasses, or contacts. The intuitive interface allows for single point or multiple point calibration. Data is sent to a laptop PC via WiFi or LAN, or may be captured locally on a microSD card. Battery power allows recording time of well over 5 hours.

The system is designed to handle the increasingly diversified demands of eye tracking in a variety of applications including:

  • Sports
  • Kinesiology
  • Driving
  • Market Research
  • Readking
  • Safety & Training
  • Social Interaction
  • Neurosience
  • Mobile Device Usability, and much more…

The participant simply puts on the “glasses” frames, which include the two eye cameras, near IR light sources, scene camera and microphone. The frames can be worn over prescription glasses and are connected with a standard HDMI cable to the ETVision Controller. The Controller is a linux based lightweight unit that may be carried either with a removable belt, or in the participants pocket or anywhere one might carry a cell phone.

The ETVision system can integrate with numerous commercially available position tracking systems to implement the Argus Science ET3Space function. Argus Science StimTrac function is also supported, along with Argus Science ETAnalysis software.

New Features

  • An optional controller sync feature provides TTL level sync pulses directly from the controller to external devices such as EEG recording systems, allowing ETVision and EEG (or other external device) data files to be precisely time synchronized.
  • Video from an external camera can be displayed in real-time and synchronously recorded along with eye camera and head mounted scene camera video.
  • Image objects (LAOI) on the head mounted scene camera image can be tracked in real-time, and periods of gaze on those objects are flagged in real-time.
  • Real-time and recorded data include point of gaze with respect to scene camera image, pupil diameters based on ellipse fit, upper and lower eyelid position, and blink detection.

One Eye Tracker for Multiple Applications

ETVision, combined with new Argus Science StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) data analysis technology and the ETAnalysis program, allows use of one eye tracker for multiple applications which, in the past, would have required different types of eye tracker systems.

For example, in the case of a participant seated in front of a display monitor, the data analysis advantages afforded by a desk top eyetracker can now be realized with ETVision by using the optional Argus Science StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) feature.


  • Precise, binocular eye measurement at 180Hz.
  • Automatic vergence correction for accuracy at any distance.
  • Pupil diameter and eyelid position measurement.
  • Use by participants wearing their own prescription glasses.
  • High Definition Scene Image, with support for real-time object tracking.
  • Incredibly fast and simple setup: Auto feature detection combined with single point calibration allows for fast participant setup.
  • Left Eye, Right Eye and Scene images displayed in GUI with constant real-time feedback showing point-of-gaze and system feature recognition performance.
  • Two Way audio allows investigator to speak with participant, and participant to speak to investigator, during performance of task.
  • Supports synchronous video recording from external Stationary Scene Camera.
  • Supports integration with motion capture devices (see ET3Space).
  • Real-time network communication with external devices.
  • ETAnalysis base package included with every ETVision System.
  • Unsurpassed customer support from the team at Argus Science.

ETPhone App

With the ETPhone app you can both control and view data collection on your ETVision glasses in real time without the need for a laptop connection. The glasses connects to the phone via WiFi.

  • View Live Video Feed of both eyes and the scene.
  • Present Auto calibration Target to Participant.
  • Set Image Quality of all three videos and set gain of eye cameras.
  • Set File name of Controller micro SD Card.
  • Start and Stop recording of the SD card participant file.
  • Set Audio Levels for ETVision Participant Microphone and Headphones.
  • Monitor Controller Battery life and SD card capacity.

The ETPhone app for ETVision is available for iOS and Android phones.

Learn more about the ETPhone app at their website.


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about the Argus Science ETVision eye tracking glasses. If you have questions you cannot find here, or elsewhere on our website, please contact us here.

Why should I buy and use the ETVision System?

How long can the ETVision System record?


ETVision System
Eye Tracking Technique Dark Pupil – Corneal Reflection
Binocular Yes
Gaze Measurement Frequency 180 Hz
Pupil Size Measurement Yes, Milimeter or pixels: User select
Parallax Compensation Automatic
Accuracy 0.5 degrees
Calibration Automatic, Multiple Point Modes
Outdoor Capability Yes
Synchronization w/ External source Available
Data capture WiFi, LAN, or microSD
ETVision Optics
Color Black
Removable Shield Polarized, OD
Exchangeable Scene Camera Lens Yes, Standard 96° : 16×9
Prescription Glasses Compatible Yes
Nose Piece Adjustment Replaceable, 3 included
Scene Resolution 720p (1280×720) @ 30Hz
Microphone Yes
Weight 56g
ETVision Controller
Processor ARM Cortex A9
Operation System Linux
Storage Media Micro SD Card
Nominal SD Card Recording time 128GB Typ. >2 Hours
Main Battery Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery
Main Battery Life >5Hrs
Power Adapter 9VDC
Headphone Jack 3.5mm
(Length x Width x Depth) 150mm x 80mm x 36mm
Weight (with Battery) 345g
Connection PTU to Laptop (Live Streaming) Wi-Fi (802.11ac) LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)

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