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Ready set go! Neon Eye Tracking Glasses

The solution for eye tracking research in sports and other high dynamic movement activities.

  • Machine learning powered eye tracking system.
  • Adjustable headband form factor. Fits well under helmets and other headwear.
  • Android device for real-time gaze estimation, wearer management, recording, and real-time streaming.
  • Includes 30 minute onboarding video call.


Model Name Ready Set Go!
Accuracy 1.8 deg uncalibrated
1.3 deg with offset correction
Performance Evaluation Neon Accuracy Test Report – An Evaluation of Lab and In-The-Wild Performance
Binocular Eye tracking Yes
Slippage Compensation Slippage invariant. Deep learning powered.
Eye Tracking Technology Real time neural network
Scene Camera FOV 1600 x 1200 @30Hz
H: 132°, V: 81°
Eye Camera 2 IR Eye Cameras
192 x 192 @200 Hz
IMU Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope
Microphone Dual microphones
Calibration Calibration-free
Battery Recording Time Up to 4 hours
25+ hours of recording storage
Cable USB-C
Computing Device Mobile computing device: Motorola Edge 40 Pro
Real-time Data 2D gaze points in scene camera coordinates at 200 Hz.
Full head pose, accelerometer and gyro data at 110Hz.
IR eye video showing fused eye regions at 200 Hz.
RGB scene video at 30 Hz.
Post-hoc Data Fixation & blink data
Pupillometry data and eye state (Available in Pupil Cloud)
Frame Material PA12 Nylon, CNC machined anodized aluminum
Lens Material Plano CR-39 Anti-Scratch
UV filter, Anti-Reflective,
Dust and water repelling coating.
Sample Recordings Download sample recording
Frame Dimensions H41.5 x W155 x D145 x B21 mm / Max. circumference: 635 mm
Weight 30g (including the Neon module)

Eye Tracking Glasses

Unlock real-world insights with wearable eye tracking technology.

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