Overview Viewpointsystem

The world’s easiest way to integrate smart glasses into your workflow

We work on what comes next: breaking down the barrier between man and machine, between the real world and the digital. We enable interaction that is intuitive, practical and quite simply enjoyable.


At Viewpointsystem, we combine pioneering technology with scientific know-how in the field of gaze research. We manufacture both the hardware and the software.

We stand for disruptive technologies that enable intuitive and even subconscious communication between humans and machines. The eye as a natural human-machine interface is the decisive key to this.

We develop and produce internationally awarded smart glasses based on eye tracking. We make it easier for customers worldwide to collaborate at a distance, such as with remote support and remote maintenance. In the fields of research and analysis, we provide precise data to better understand human behavior.

We value collaboration, and offer interested companies, access to our technology components, so that together, we can make the future a reality.