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Neon module – bare metal

Module without frame

Get the eye tracking module for Neon and use it in your own prototype or make your own frames.

Eye tracking for research and beyond

Pupil Labs are working hard to make eye tracking easy.

Their goal is to accelerate the development of eye tracking for real-world challenges so that any researcher or entrepreneur can just add eye tracking to their next study, prototype, or product.

Neon is designed to power scientific research and enable applications beyond the possibilities of today.

Neon removes barriers traditionally associated with eye tracking. It’s easy to use: no setup, no calibration. NeonNet, the deep learning gaze estimation pipeline, provides you with unprecedented data quality even in the most demanding conditions. The software is built for everyone from no-code to pro-code users.

The Neon Module is all the eye tracking hardware you need in a small package.

High-speed eye cameras, wide-angle scene camera, stereo microphones, and IMU all encased in water-resistant silicone. The modular design enables a wide variety of frame shapes, sizes, and styles specific to your research needs.

Neon Module

7 g
W: 40mm
H: 35mm
D: 10mm

Neon Module with Just Act Natural Frame

53 g
W: 143mm
H: 52mm
D: 164mm


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about the Pupil Invisible glasses. If you have questions you cannot find here, or elsewhere on our website, please contact us here.

Why should I buy and use Neon by Pupil Labs?

How long can Neon by Pupil Labs record?

Automatize Your Statistical Analysis With The Eye Tracking Module For iMotions

  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Live Streaming
  • Automated QA
  • Gaze Replays
  • Areas of Interest (AOI)
  • Interpolated AOI generation
  • Built-in Automated Metrics
  • Gaze Mapping
  • Flexible Data Export
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