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Viewpointsystem VPS 19

The Viewpointsystem VPS 19 Eye Tracking Glasses enable advanced eye tracking in industrial settings. Developed for applications such as manufacturing, occupational safety, mobility, healthcare, sports, and automotive, the VPS 19 received a CES Innovation Honoree Award in the “Wearable Technologies” category. The glasses feature industry-standard eye protection and replaceable optical lenses. Robust with regards to lighting conditions, the VPS 19 also record a scene video with sound, and allow for the possibility of remote streaming to the Viewpointsystem server for live observation.

Recorded data from the VPS 19 can be imported into iMotions for analysis of gaze data like AOIs, time to first fixation, and annotations.


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about the VPS 19 eye tracking glasses. If you have questions you cannot find here, or elsewhere on our website, please contact us here.

Why should I buy and use VPS 19?

How long can VPS 19 record?


Sample rate 60 Hz
Eye tracking technique Infrared camera
Bi-directional communication Audio / Video / Digital content
Calibration procedure Auto calibration / 1-point calibration
Frame rate, scene resolution 30 fps 13 MP/Full HD (1080p)
Scene camera, field of view 86° Diagonal (74° H, 58° V)
Battery Internal/Replaceable
Smart Unit Linux-based mini-computer for guiding calibration and storing/streaming data
Audio Internal Microphone + Smart Unit Headset connected via USB-C
Certifications CE-certified
Weight 43g excluding lenses

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