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Smart Eye Pro 60 Hz

A true multi-camera system, Smart Eye Pro is scalable from 2 up to 8 cameras allowing the 360-degree head and eye tracking. Free and wide placement of cameras both horizontally and vertically makes it ideal for a large number of environments, setups, and situations.

The Smart Eye Pro eye tracker is compatible with the iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module.

Aviation & Aerospace

Smart Eye systems are used to train tomorrow’s pilots by helping them correct their scanning techniques for future flights. Up in the air, eye tracking can improve flight safety by making sure pilots are alert and attentive while monitoring instruments. In Aerospace, NASA has Smart Eye technology installed in their Flight Deck Simulators as well as their Research Flight deck, where they are used to monitor pilot state and behavior.


Technical Specifications
Sampling Rate 60 and 120 Hz
Number of Cameras Up to 8 Cameras
Headbox Up to 120x85cm
Camera Interface USB3
Camera Size 17x31x31mm
Camera Weight 20g
Resolution 2.3MP
Mounting Kit (parts) Small form factor (3 DOF)
Size of Applicable Flashes 27x13x27
Lenses (focal length) 6, 8, 12, 16, 25mm
Maximum Available Cable Length 8m (50m)
Free Placements of Cameras Smart Eye Pro is a flexible system where cameras are located based on customer setup
Optimal Camera Eye Distance 30 – 300 cm, adjustable with lenses and positioning of cameras
Field of View 90° – 360° (depending on number of cameras)
Tracking Accuracy – Head: Position +/-5mm | Rotation 1.5 degrees (under ideal conditions) – Gaze: 0.5 degrees (under ideal conditions) / 5 degrees (calibration free)
Output TCP / UDP / CAN (optional) / text file
Output Data (true 3D values) – Head orientation (6DOF), Eye position, Eye gaze, Pupil diameter, Saccades, Fixations, Blinks, Eyelid opening etc. – Quality values – Data for left and right eye
Tracking Recovery Time Typ. 1 frame (16/8ms)
Eyewear Compatibility Glasses, contact lenses and non-IR-blocking sunglasses
Gaze Calibration Flexible number of calibration points for precision gaze or calibration free gaze
Light Independent Smart Eye Pro uses active IR illumination @ 850mm
Synch Available with Other Systems Smart Eye Pro cameras can be synched with other Smart Eye Pro systems or other types optical systems. Both optical and electrical signals can be used for synchronization
Integration Support API for controlling the eye tracker remotely. SDK with documentation and examples to support integration of eye tracking capability into other products and applications.
Add-on Modules Fiber-cable extension to cameras up to 50m / Video recording while tracking / Facial feature points / Speaking detection / Output data to CAN


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