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Smart Eye AI-X

The Smart Eye AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.

Our experience within the automotive industry has taught us all about the importance of having high-performing solutions in a cost-effective way. We have taken this knowledge and our 20 years of experience in eye tracking and put it into the development of the AI-X, making it a high-performing eye tracker, perfectly suitable for large studies with many subjects.

With AI-X’s small footprint it is very easy to move your studies and research out of the lab and turn it into a portable lab. Simply attach the AI-X to your laptop and take your study to where the participants are. AI-X’s design makes it easy to switch between different projects, screens, and situations.

Inside, one state-of-the-art high-definition sensor captures your test participants brilliantly, regardless of light conditions. This eye tracker is available with 60 Hz frame rate.


Camera type AI-X
Sampling rate 60 Hz
Optimal Camera – Eye Distance 45 – 85 cm
Head box 35 x 30 cm at 65 cm distance
Tracking Accuracy Head: Rotation 0.5 degrees (under ideal conditions)
Maximum screen size 24’’ (16:9 aspect ratio
Size 268 x 13 x 32 mm (width, height, depth)
Weight 147 g
Output data Gaze point, pupil diameter, time stamp All outputs as binocular data with associated quality index
Recovery Time (Blink/gaze) 1 frame (immediate)
Mount type On screen (with mounting plate)
Latency 25 ms from camera exposure
Eye tracking principle Dark pupil and corneal reflection
Operating environment Indoor (all illumination conditions)
Integrations support Remote control and programming guide to support integrations for example analysis tools, simulator etc.
Cable lengths 2 m
Camera interface USB 3.0
Operating system Windows 10

Eye Tracking Screen Based

Measure visual attention on monitors and mobile devices with the screen-based eye tracking module.

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