Overview EEG (Electroencephalography) B-Alert X24

B-Alert X24

The B-Alert X24 system, along with its sister product, the B-Alert X10, are the premier solutions for mobile EEG applications, delivering a balance of functionality and simplicity. The B-Alert X24 enables the acquisition of high-quality EEG signals and provides additional sensor site coverage and deeper analysis potential. The B-Alert X24 has 20 channels of EEG (features the International 10-20 medical montage) and 1 optional lead for ECG, EMG, or EOG. The X24 is commonly used to identify biomarkers, or in research where the prefrontal/temporal regions are of particular interest. Comfortable for hours and easy to use, the X24 offers dual compatibility with both the full 10-20 (X24) and reduced montage (X10) strips. 

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Number of channels 20 channels of high-quality EEG, plus 1 optional channel for ECG, EMG, or EOG
Sampling rate 256 Hz
Operating type 8+ hours Bluetooth / 16 hours SD card
Accelerometer Yes
Medically certified No
Weight 110 g
Comfort Comfortable and non-intrusive; sets up in about 15 minutes
Connectivity Bluetooth wireless range up to 10 meters


Electroencephalography (EEG)

Measure brain activity and discover the cognitive processes that underline how we think, react, and behave.

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