Overview EEG (Electroencephalography) B-Alert X10

B-Alert X10

The B-Alert X10 system, along with its sister product, the B-Alert X24, are the premier solutions for mobile EEG applications, delivering a balance of functionality and simplicity. The lightweight headset applies easily and remains comfortable for extended high-quality recordings in any home, lab, or operational setting. The 9-channel combination of mid-line and lateral EEG sites – plus the additional channel of ECG, EMG or EOG data – allows for multiple analysis opportunities, as evidenced by numerous peer-reviewed publications.

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Channels 9 channels of high-quality EEG, plus 1 optional channel for ECG, EMG, or EOG (10 Channels @ 256Hz)
Sampling Rate 256 Hz
Operating time 8+ Hours
Accelerometer Yes
Comfort Comfortable and non-intrusive; sets up in about 10 minutes
Connectivity Bluetooth wireless range up to 10 meters
Medically Certified No
Weight 110 g


Electroencephalography (EEG)

Measure brain activity and discover the cognitive processes that underline how we think, react, and behave.

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