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Mobile device testing stand

The Smart Eye Mobile Stand Unit
From customer usability tests to qualitative studies and everything in between,
the Smart Eye Mobile Stand unlocks the power of the world’s most advanced
remote eye tracking system–wherever you are.

The Smart Eye Mobile Stand mounts our eye trackers to mobile phones for researchers looking to conduct mobile research studies. Designed to hold the eye tracker in place, this unit secures the setup from the base and allows participants to interact with study naturally.

The Mobile Stand is fully supported in the Smart Eye setup tool making the setup simple yet robust. The stand comes with all necessary hardware for capturing the mobile phone screen, and is fully compatible with iMotions. This allows researchers to understand how respondents view and interact in the real dynamic world.


Compatible eye trackers Aurora and AI-X
Compatible mobile devices iPhone and Android mobile phones (Note: Some Android phones does not allow screen to be recorded)
Supported screen size Up to 7 inch screen (appr. 150 mm vertically)
Screen orientation Portrait
Screen capture hardware Included for both iPhone and Android
Screen capture resolution Up to 1080p 60fps
Stand size (minimal size) 219x148x124 mm
Weight 700g
Analysis tool compatibility iMotions


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