Brain Products actiCHamp

Hardware Specifications

The actiCHamp is a revolutionary development that integrates high-end components for electrophysiological (EEG/ERP, ExG, BCI, etc.) research in one easy to use, highly versatile, and affordable 24-bit amplifier, available to integrate in iMotions with 32 channels.

The Brain Products actiCHamp Plus EEG amplifier is compatible with the iMotions EEG Module.

EEG Amplifier
actiCHamp Plus
Number of channels
32 - 160 (up to 32 with iMotions)
Max sampling rate
100 kHz
Operating type
Unlimited (wired)
1.1 kg
Approx. 68 mm x 160 mm x 187 mm
8 AUX channels included in amplifier to connect sensors
Medically certified
24-bit, one converter/channel
Input noise
2 μVpp (DC – 35 Hz)
Input voltage range
+/- 400 mV (EEG), +/- 4.8 V (AUX)
screen of eeg results

Powerful software

for powerful research

The iMotions EEG Module enables researchers to seamlessly conduct studies and validate results faster. The flexible software connects, records, and live visualizes EEG data and metrics from a range of different EEG headsets, and is a complete experimental suite for EEG, from calibration, to stimuli presentation, to export of results. Export frequency bands, frontal alpha asymmetry, PSD, and other metrics in addition to seeing full overviews of channels, signal strength, and QA tools.