ASL D6 Desktop EYE-TRAC™ PC 

Hardware Specifications (no longer sold)

The D6 optical/camera array is ASL’s most robust desktop/remote eye tracking configuration in the ASL EYE-TRAC® PC series family. It is specifically designed to quickly and accurately track the gaze position on all participants (infant to senior citizens) viewing one flat surface, such as a computer or video monitor. D6 optics are configured with a state of the art optics module and camera that tracks at 60 Hz. (Integrates with iMotions but no longer sold).

The ASL D6 eye tracker is compatible with the iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module.

eye icon white lines on yellow background

The iMotions Eye Tracking – Screen-based Module

Main features

With the iMotions Eye Tracking Screen-based Module, eye trackers from the world’s leading producers (EyeTech, SmartEye, SMI, Gazepoint, Argus Science) can be connected, and their data analyzed. iMotions is optimized for eye tracking research in controlled environments like labs, allowing for advanced analysis with heatmaps, replays, and other metrics such as time to first fixation, time spent, and areas of interest (AOIs). iMotions also provides automated gaze-mapping, in which the gaze in dynamic 3D environments can be converted to a 2D scene for simpler comprehension and analysis.