Plug & Play integration of BIOPAC’s GSR/EDA, ECG, EMG & RSP

BIOPAC and iMotions integration

Synchronize BIOPAC data in real-time and live visualize data from GSR/EDA, ECG, EMG and respiration with eye tracking, facial expressions, EEG & stimuli presentation in the iMotions platform using one software and one computer to collect and visualize all the data sources simultaneously.

BIOPAC software integration

Integrate biosensors from BIOPAC into the iMotions mix


iMotions BIOPAC integration allows researchers to easily combine and synchronize BIOPAC’s measurements for arousal, stress, fatigue, respiration in combination with iMotions biometrics for visual attention, emotion, motivation to compliment, enhance and diversify their investigations.

All types of stimuli

Present & sync all types of stimuli with BIOPAC


Easily present images, videos, websites, screen & scene recordings, real world products and surveys to the respondents and automatically synchronize them with BIOPAC data streams.

BIOPAC API integration

Combine any sensor with BIOPAC


iMotions has an open input and output API, that allows researchers to import data from third party sensors into the platform, then process the data and forward it back to the sensor, allowing powerful feedback loops.

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Duane Varan
“At MediaScience, we have over 120 eye tracking stations from across seven different suppliers. Top that off with both of the leading facial coding engines, with different biometric sensors and with a range of proprietary hardware systems, developed from our own engineers, and you have a universe of data sources all requiring integration. iMotions has played a critical role in bringing all of our data together in a single unified system.”
Duane Varan, Founder & CEO at MediaScience

Main Features of iMotions/BIOPAC

Presentation of stimuli

Presentation of Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real world products, scene recordings

Sophisticated study design

Sophisticated Study Designs

Full flexibility with any study setup with randomizations, block designs, test plans, group rotations and more.

Quality assurance

Real-Time Synchronization

BIOPAC sensor data, stimuli and API data streams are real time synchronized in iMotions. No more manual synchronization of data sets.s.

Export all raw data

Export Raw Data

Export all collected BIOPAC data in sync with stimuli and other sensors in .txt format for easily import into MatLab and other programs.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

iMotions outputs data collection quality at any given time to monitor and ensure the validity of the studies.

Live or post markers

Live or Post Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.

Synchronized visualizations, metrics & raw data

Live or post markers

Image shows visualizations of integration of stimuli (video), face of the respondent and BIOPAC’s ECG, GSR/EDA & Respiration channels in time line. Click to enlarge

BIOPAC rawdata export

Time stamped and synchronized raw data exports per channel can be imported in any statistical program such as Excel, MatLab, R, etc. Click to enlarge

BIOPAC devices integrated



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: MP160 Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module The BIOPAC MP160 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition & analysis system for life science research. This 16-channel system includes AcqKnowledge software with specialized analysis capabilities. Thes [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: MP150 Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module The MP150 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition system for life science research and is in use in top laboratories around the world. The MP150 [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: EDA/GSR100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC GSR100C is an add-on device to the BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition device to measure skin conductance via changes in perspiration on the surface of the skin due [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: ECG100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC ECG100C device is an add-on to the MP150 device and records electrical activity generated by the heart. Recording ECG data from various locations allows researchers [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: EMG100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC EMG100C device records activity from large and small muscle groups, including facial EMG for analyzing emotional responses. Facial electromyography (fEMG) typically uses surface EMG electrodes [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: RSP100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC RSP100C device is an add-on to the MP150 to record breathing mechanics by examining pressure/flow and pressure/volume relationships. Analyze respiratory gas consumption and production in real [...]

Combine with stimuli, eye tracking, facial expressions, EEG, surveys & more

BIOPAC synchronization graph
Standard setup
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