Overview DAQ Systems BIOPAC BIONOMADIX 2CH RSP Amplifier


The Wireless RSP BioNomadix is an add-on to the wired BIOPAC MP160/MP150 devices and measures respiratory effort data on one or two channels. The matched pair emulates a “wired” connection from subject to computer, with all the benefits of a fully-wireless recording system. These units interface with the MP160/MP150 data acquisition and analysis platform and AcqKnowledge software, allowing advanced analysis for multiple applications and supporting acquisition of a broad range of signals and measurements.


Number of Channels 2
Transmission rate 1000Hz
Output range ± 10 V
Frequency response Low Pass Filter: 1 or 10 Hz; High Pass Filter: 0.5 Hz
Notch filter Notch filter: 50/60 Hz (user-controlled switch)
Resolution FSR/4096; (4.88 mV)
Operating time 72-90 hours
Dimensions Transmitter: 6 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm; Receiver: 4 cm x 11 cm x 19 cm
Weight Transmitter: 54 grams; Receiver: 380 g


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