Consumer Insights

Measure the drivers behind behavior

EEG headset used in neuromarketing study.


Measure Physiological And Neural Signals

Customers are notoriously unreliable when describing their preferences or decision-making processes, but measuring their nonconscious signals can provide that insight. The advantages of using biosensor technologies to measure attention, emotions, and engagement are obvious: added value for products and services for the buyer, and increased return on investment for companies. iMotions combines the full scope of consumer neuroscience tools in one platform; facial coding, eye tracking, and biometric data like heart rate, galvanic skin response, and EEG to measure brain activity.

Brand Perception

Quantify The Perception of Your Brand

Recall, or how well people remember a brand, is difficult to quantify. Complementing questionnaires with behavioral data like eye tracking can help you ensure brand awareness by highlighting how visual elements can be improved. Simultaneously combine gaze patterns with brain-based measurements, facial expression analysis, and perspiration data to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions. These signals can help inform creative advertising, product development, pricing, and other marketing areas.

two cola products side by side to gather new consumer insights with biosensors
Combine eye tracking, facial expression analysis, and surveys to get your branding right on the first go.
Detect visual attention using eye tracking

Ad Testing

See Which Content Gets The Attention

Avoid having millions slip away on your next ad campaign. Biometric data validates if your audience is excited, interested, distracted, or bored before your creative goes live. No longer are you limited by the logistics of focus groups or survey questions.


User Experience Testing

Use iMotions to simultaneously capture visual attention, behavioral annotations, physiological responses, and emotional reactions. With screen-based eye tracking, you can see heatmaps, areas of interest, and navigation paths. Facial expression analysis will tell you about users’ emotional expressions in response to the content, and GSR can let you know if an emotional connection was made. Combined these will diagnose user pain points and determine how to avoid them.

Determine the impact of user interfaces on task completion and user preference. Do A/B Testing for pages and buttons and evaluate conversions. Understand visual attention and scrolling/browsing patterns and diagnose confusion areas in-app and measure engagement levels in mobile experiences.

Aggregate and visualize behavior with heatmaps
Optimize shopping experiences for everyone by doing in-store testing.

Shopper Behavior

See What People are Doing and Why

Studying consumer behavior should happen where customers shop, from e-commerce to in-store. Equip participants with eye tracking glasses as they browse the shelves, or test their concentration, frustration, or eye movements as they navigate through an e-commerce checkout process. All that data is synced and visualized in iMotions for further analysis.

Surveys in real time

Survey Design and Integration

Whether you are developing prototypes, optimizing packaging, or conducting unboxing studies, your end users’ feedback is invaluable. The built-in iMotions Survey capability provides flexible tools to design a questionnaire with images, likert scales, multiple choice or text input answers to triangulate participants’ stated answers with nonconscious responses from biosensors. The iMotions Survey Tool is always included with your software license, so survey integration is easy.

iMotions built-in survey option makes the iMotions suite a consumer-insights powerhouse.
Team up with neuromarketing agencies or grow your skills through our academies – iMotions can help.

Market Research

Dig Deeper And Deliver Crucial Results

To stay ahead with new consumer neuroscience technologies, market researchers need to familiarize themselves with the biosensors and devices used in neuromarketing methodologies. To start with, join forces with neuromarketing companies interested in exchanging market research skills with you. We can establish contact through our customer community. Or join the iMotions Academy where you can gain practical knowledge in analyzing data with biosensors.

iMotions Feature Highlights

Visual Attention

See what people notice and what they don’t with Eye Trackers

Emotion Measurement

Reveal how people feel through Facial Expression Analysis

Detect Excitement

Discover the intensity of emotions from GSR

Motivation & Memory

Discover what people are focused on through EEG

Your Heartbeat

Measure heart rate and cognitive effort in the moment with ECG

Muscle Response

Measure stimulation of muscle movement with EMG


Add people’s verbal associations and how satisfied they are


Send data to and from iMotions allowing for remote control and custom integrations

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